Meniere’s Disease – Amalgam and Mercury

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Meniere’s Disease – Is amalgam a root cause in some sufferers?

x-ray showing amalgam leakage

Mercury leaking from amalgam dental fillings is just one of several possible root causes of Meniere’s Disease symptoms. When people have removed amalgam from their mouths often they find themselves free of Meniere’s altogether.  This is one of the most common themes among sufferers who have contacted Meniere’s Help over the past 12 years.

Exposure to mercury is a major heath concern and amalgam is not the only way it may get into our bodies, though it is the most common. People who live near coal burning power plants may be at risk and in recent years vaccinations are sometimes laced with mercury, supposedly to cause an immune response.  Considering The World Health Organization states that no amount of Mercury exposure is safe, this is a concern that should be taken very seriously.

Do you have amalgam in your mouth? Have you considered having it removed.

Can mercury detoxing help you overcome the symptoms of Meniere's disease?

Watch the video below for more on amalgam and Meniere’s.

Is Meniere’s disease amalgam and mercury toxicity an issue?

Read a more in depth look about the overwhelming evidence pointing to mercury and in particular amalgam as a trigger or root cause of Meniere’s symptoms by clicking the link below:

Click here to read Managing Meniere’s Disease
Click here to read The Need for Balance – Dealing with the Causes of Meniere’s

Help other Meniere’s sufferers. Do you have any experience with Meniere’s disease and amalgam or mercury? Tell us all about it in the comments boxes below or email Mike at

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Reader Comments

Mercury from amalgam dental fillings isn’t the root cause of Ménière’s disease. The predisposed cause of MD is all improper dental restorations which not harmonies to normal anatomy. Bad restoration leads to malocclusion and uneven condyle. Bruxism is the best way to correct its.
But the consequence is C1 atlas and C2 axis subluxation and blocks CSF drainage from skull. Then endolymphatic fluids of inner ear increase .
This is the reason why removing amalgam dental fillings they will free from MD.

Written By Karoon Leowsrisook on May 27th, 2017 @ 4:59 am

Thank you for your valuable input Karoon. Indeed root canal work and other dental work has been linked to Meniere’s as have neck and back issues, particularly the atlas bone and upper cervical bones. You can read much more detailed information on dental work here and more about cervical spine issues here.
The root cause or causes (there may be more than one on any one case) can vary from person to person and there are several possibilities people should get checked for (all of which you can find on this blog or the main website Menieres-Help.Com ). None of these can be labeled the “definitive”cause and neither can your explanation. Simply because what we have found over the course of 13 years supporting sufferers and researching is that sufferers can completely overcome Meniere’s by correcting several different possible root causes, these varying from gut issues and allergies to TMJ and dental work and indeed simply removing toxic mercury from their body. You might want to read these two pages that have much more detailed explanations as to why mercury from amalgam is the problem in many Meniere’s sufferers:

Written By Mike on May 27th, 2017 @ 11:35 am

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