Drop Attacks

Drop Attacks. Drop attacks can be a terrifying and dangerous development for the Meniere’s disease sufferer.

Meniere’s Disease Happy Ending – Is there such a thing?

I have just posted the final part of my journey with Meniere’s Disease. Finally living symptom free. Click here to read Mike’s Meniere’s Story  Email us at meniereshelp@gmail.com Click here to read Managing Meniere’s Disease – How to Live Symptom Free Click here to read The Need for Balance – Dealing with the Causes of […]

New Post On How I live Meniere’s Disease Free

I have just posted part 8 in “Learn From My Meniere’s Disease Experiences” Learn how I now live Meniere’s Disease free and take no diuretics, tranquilizers, or medicine’s for dizziness. Just through lifestyle and dietary changes (including dietary supplements) it is possible to live without the symptoms of this condition. Click here to read Mike’s […]

Meniere’s Disease: Beware Of False Dawns

The fact that Meniere’s Disease can lie dormant for weeks, months and even years and that surgery and other treatments may be only temporary fixes, is discussed in part 7 of the “Learn From My Meniere’s Experiences”. Click here to read more in Mike’s Meniere’s story Click here to read Managing Meniere’s Disease – How […]

Surgery for Meniere’s Disease

Surgery for Meniere’s Disease. Surgical options and the implications.