Diabetes and Meniere’s Disease

How is diabetes linked to Meniere’s Disease?
Can type 2 diabetes result from Meniere’s disease or Meniere’s result from Diabetes? Are the two connected at all, is it all coincidence or are the two a result of the same root cause in some people?

A sizable number of Meniere’s sufferers who contact Meniere’s Help also suffer from Diabetes. Glucose metabolism, and insulin irregularities have both been linked to Meniere’s in some way or another.

Can Chiropractics cure Meniere’s disease?

Ana from Mexico emailed Meniere’s Help this week to tell us she thinks she is ‘cured’. Can Chiropractics cure Meniere’s disease?

Cholesterol and Meniere’s Disease

Cholesterol, and Meniere’s Disease. Is there any connection or relevance between cholesterol, trigycerides and Meniere’s Disease?

Fasting with Meniere’s Disease

Fasting with Meniere’s Disease. How does fasting affect your condition when you suffer with Meniere’s Disease? Is it a good idea? Can it help or can it make things worse?

Meniere’s Disease or Chiari malformation?

Meniere’s disease or Chiari malformation? In a four year study of 364 Chiari patients found that 74% patients had “Meniere’s like syndrome “: dizziness, disequilibrium pressure in ears, tinnitus, decreased hearing, true vertigo, nystagmus.