Oral health and Meniere’s disease

A new study suggests that poor oral health, including periodontitis and missing teeth, may increase the risk of developing Meniere’s disease. Learn more about the link between oral health and Meniere’s disease symptoms.

Vitamin D and Meniere’s Disease

Vitamin D and Meniere’s Disease. What is the relationship between vitamin D and Meniere’s disease.

Can Meniere’s Disease be caused by Autoimmunity?

Can Meniere’s Disease be caused by Autoimmunity? If autoimmunity causes Meniere’s disease, what causes autoimmunity? And what can you do about it?

Can Salovum or SPC-Flakes Stop Vertigo in Meniere’s Sufferers?

SPC- Flakes to stop Vertigo.

On May 7th 2017 an article was published by The Express newspaper online with the headline,”Ménière’s disease sufferer: Getting my life back”

Manganese and Meniere’s Disease

Is there a role for manganese in either the treatment or as a causative factor with Meniere’s Disease?