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Natural Supplements for Meniere’s Disease – Mark’s case

Mark contacted me in the late last year regarding the natural supplements that help so many Meniere’s sufferers and after chatting back and forth in emails he very kindly agreed to be a real-time case study for us on this blog. There has been a delay getting it on here from my part….sorry. So big thanks to Mark. I hope this will help a lot of readers who are either considering trying supplements or have already started.


Mark to me
show details 11/8/10
Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply.

I am due to start the supplements shortly (when they arrive)….will let you know how I go.

All the best



Currently on diuretics to reduce the “fullness” in my ears…which has worked quite well (tinnitus reduced also)…although has left me quite dizzy and unsteady. (Head pressure very high).

Would you encourage me to stop taking the diuretics when I start using the nutrients…conscious of mixing them with drugs ?.

Try to get to see my GP for advice…

Some background for you

I’m live in the Australia (Sydney). Believe my Menieres has been triggered in some way by a Sinus related Virus I had back in April. I have a history of sinus relates issues although for the 1st 14 months over here was really good. In April, caught a “virus” which had me sneezing constantly for over 4 weeks. I normally dont take anything for any sinus issues and let it run it’s course. But this one just wouldn’t go away. I finally after about 6 weeks went to the doctor who put me on nasal sprays and an anti-biotic. The sneezing stopped but I was left with this complete bunged up feeling in my head. It lasted for a number of weeks. I then woke up one morning with a blocked/ringing left ear. I had these before when I had sinus issues so expected it go away after a few days. After 3 weeks, it was still there (and worse)…went to the doctor who sent me to an ENT…and after loads of tests and head scratching…and fluctuating/deteriorating symptoms…..finally had an ear specialist confirm I have Menieres Disease.

Currently my hearing is still “good” although fluctuates when I get the ear pressure build-up. Mainly my left ear is impacted although I have tinnitus also and some low pain in my right ear….which perhaps suggests I’m bilateral.

Conscious to start “cleansing” my body with these nutrients as soon as possible to give it the chance to prevent further damage and harm. And of course get some sort of life back. Currently doing all the required things…low salt diet, plenty of exercise (when possible), no caffeine, no alcohol (aaagh)…but i’ve got to admit….I feel dreadful most of the time…

Appreciate yours and the teams offer of support.

Thanks again,


Mark – to me
show details 11/16/10
Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply back….yes I have the doses.

Currently working my way into the supplement treatment (in the 1st week)….will let you know after a couple of weeks on the nutrients

One question for you…and this seems to come up a lot.

I mentioned below that I thought my Menieres was caused by Sinus related problems…still do…..but before it came on I had root canal work done for the first time…and I am still suffering from sporadic pain/discomfort in the specific tooth area (it’s on the same side as my bad ear). The dentist won’t fit a crown because she wants to check some TMJ issues (i mentioned my tinnitus) but she has recently had to clean up some infected gum related issues around the tooth area.

Is there a possible connection between the root canal work and the on-set of possible Menieres symptoms?. Aware you may not be the best person to ask…but if there’s someone I can contact…would be good to run this by them.

I also have a number of Amalgam fillings in my back molars which I’m considering getting removed.

Trying not to be too much of a hypo with all of this but I feel I must give myself the best chance for recovery.



Mike to Mark
show details 11/18/10
Hi Mark,

Without trying to sound like a doctor, which of course I am not, so you shouldn’t listen to me but I would personally consider the fact that this root canal work and amalgam fillings could be at least one of the root causes of your meniere’s. There is no way to prove this, but in our experience, many people have meniere’s symptoms after root canal work, and amalgam has long been suspected of being a culprit. You can get them removed, but be aware that removing them is also going to cause trauma in that area so symptoms may get worse before they get better. Here are two websites related to this:

Take Care and mail me anytime


Mark – to me
show details 12/2/10
Hi Mike,

Thanks again for your advice below.

Quick Update

– Teeth

I’m actually having a wisdom tooth out tomorrow…the specialist I saw confirmed the top one on my “dodgy” left side needs to be removed…so thats a start. He was very non committal about Amalgam fillings (it’s called sitting on the fence !) but I’m trying to get to see another dentist to have them checked…before moving forward on that front.

– Supplements.

: Now 2 weeks into using them. Head fog much better…ear pressure still up and down but not as severe as previously.

: In general feeling a lot more focused….which is what I need for work purposes

: Main issue I have is that I’m feeling very weak compared to before. I’ve lost a heck of a lot of weight as my system has been cleansed. I’ve tried to up my calorie (low salt) intake to try and compensate but this just leads to more bathroom stops 😉

Aware it’s early days…would be good to know if this is normal ?

Thanks again for your support,


Mark – to me
show details 12/22/10
Hi Mike,

Hope you are well ?

Quick Update: (around 6 weeks into the program)

– Seeing some really good signs !

: Head fog – Almost gone
: Tinnitus – Reduced
: Ear pressure – Reduced and currently free for 10 days (!!)
: Dizziness – None for 3 weeks
: Energy levels – Increased
: Lethargy – Almost gone

Only negative (it’s a small one !!!) is that I’m around 2/3 of a stone lighter than when I started. Was always a tall skinny bu$$er so it shows a bit….but I’ve increased my calorie intake along with my exercise regimes (just walking and some small weights at the moment due to a knee flare up)…so will see where this takes me.

Appreciate the support again

And all the best to you and your family for the festive period.



Mark – to me
show details 12/24/10
Hi Mike,

By all means post my story….they have really helped

I will hopefully be providing you with a full “blog” in a few months time…personally want to wait until then to make sure i’m fully in control of the MD symptoms with the use of this method

Thanks again for all your support


Mark to me
show details Feb 2
Hi Mike,

Update for you.

Continue to improve..

I did though have a “spin” last week…it lasted literally two seconds but it was enough to through me slightly and undermine my confidence a little. Thing is…I felt fine after it although I had some increased pain in my ear and some head pressure for a few days or so after…nothing serious. It was very hot (35 C in Sydney) and I was under a bit of pressure at work on the day and experienced it while straining to read some s/sheet data on the computer. Had felt a bit off that morning…had put it down to the recent (48hrs before) injection for the Dust mite desensitization program I am on. (Discovered after tests that i’m acutely allergic to them). I am aware this will/may provoke things for the next short period while I get on top of it.

Current status
: Brain fog – Sporadic…minimal when i have it…periods of clarity !!
: Tinnitus – Low level
: Ear pressure – Minimal….none at times
: Dizziness – None for 8 weeks
: Vertigo – a two second experience last week (1st for months)
: Energy levels – Increased
: Lethargy – Almost gone.

Some questions for you if I may

– I do get what I class as pain or niggle in my left ear more than right. Do you class this as pressure or not (just trying to sync with some of your comments on your site)? I have no Hydrops build up to speak of where my ear feels blocked

– I do get a lot of “bounce” from my ears when I have indigestion…the air rattling and vibrating off the ears. Did you experience this. A weird question but I find this very unsettling

– Been interested in some of the studies into large doses of Vit C and the impact it has on various illnesses. Have you done any investigations into this for MD ? Interested in what your thoughts are if so.

Thanks again for all your help


ps- After much deliberating and research…I do feel you are correct about root canal work and it’s impact on our well being…and am having my affected tooth pulled next week.

Mark to me
show details Mar 31
Hi Mike,

Hope you are well ?.

Quick update to confirm that the ear continues to improve.

The hearing part is excellent…still tinnitus and ear pressure…hoping these will continue to abate over time.

I am still finding it hard to take confidence from my ear improvement. I do have some depression/anxiety issues as a result of the “ordeal” I’ve been through…and am finding it hard to get into 2nd gear so to speak. Fatigue and some sleeping issues still exist.

Wondering if you have any tips to help me get going again ?. Know you went through this also per your blog on the web site

Thanks again for all your help,


Mark to me
show details Jun 29
Hi Mike,

Hope you are well ?

Quick update to confirm that I’m still free of the main Menieres symptoms…and have been for the last 6 months….which is just great news

Get the odd period of pressure and pain in the ear…but nothing more. Tinnitus still annoying but the least of my worries 😉

Have reduced some of the vitamins to a “maintenance” level…the Gingko and calcium… adverse impact

Take care,


On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 1:07 PM, Mark wrote:
Hi Mike

Sorry for not getting back to you yesterday.

More than happy with you adding my story to the web…the supplements help greatly….people need to know this.

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