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Meniere’s Disease caused by Dental Work

Meniere’s disease caused by dental work?

Can the symptoms of Meniere’s Disease be caused by Dental Work?

It is relatively common for people to contact Meniere’s Disease Help who had dental work done prior to the onset of their symptoms, have dental problems, or who have amalgam fillings. All of these have been linked to Meniere’s.

Meniere’s disease caused by root canal work is also a possibility. Root canals toxicity is a controversial topic. Dentistry in general calls the possible negative effect on health throughout the body from root canals a myth.

However biological dentists do not agree. Root canal removal is a common treatment carried out by biological dentists.

In addition to that Meniere’s Help often receives emails from Meniere’s sufferers who claim the onset of their symptoms followed root canal work.

A paper at ScienceDirect.Com discusses the possible links with dental issues and Meniere’s disease here is a summary:

Meniere’s disease may be caused by common intraosseous dental pathology

– Diagnosis using the comparative compression sign

“Meniere’s disease has been ascribed to a disturbance of the vestibular apparatus or its connections within the Central Nervous System.

Several hypotheses have been advanced regarding its aetiopathogenesis, but treatments based on these hypotheses have often not produced the desired results.

Two cases are described where common intraosseous pathology within the lower half of the functional face, i.e. within the mandible and maxillae, was shown to be the cause of Meniere’s disease.

Together, these cases contributed to the chance discovery of the comparative compression sign which, when able to be elicited, may be considered pathognomonic for a dental origin of the condition.

It is suggested that, in addition to other hypothesized causes involving the vestibular apparatus and the CNS, Meniere’s disease and vertigo may also be caused by common, readily-identifiable intraosseous dental pathology.

These unexpected findings open up a new field for future research.”

a23 Rechov Atzmon, Ramat Hasharon 47287, Israel

Root canal toxicity and the symptoms of Meniere’s disease

Studies have shown that there is a link between gum disease and serious chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, respiratory disease, and cancer, and emerging evidence has shown that root canals pose the same health risks.

It would seem root canal capping can trap toxic bacteria in the gum. The bacteria would normally not be a problem but the root canal can trap it. That’s when it becomes toxic and cannot escape. It has to go somewhere and this leads to problems.

Possible effects can be:

  • Infection after root canal: After the root canal procedure, the infection can progress inside or outside the location that the root canal was performed
  • Accumulation of unwanted materials: Cholesterol crystals can accumulate and irritate the tissues where the root canal was done, as well as scar tissue or cystic lesions
  • Immune system response: The procedure can cause an overactive immune response in your body, causing negative health impacts
  • Toxic materials used in filling: Many dentists use materials such as amalgam to fill the tooth after a root canal is performed, which can be detrimental to your health due to mercury and other metals in the filling material

It is claimed that the health of your mouth can be directly linked to the health of your overall body.

Studies have shown that there is a link between gum disease and serious chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, respiratory disease, and cancer, and emerging evidence has shown that root canals pose the same health risks.

Dr. Gerald Smith, International Center for Nutritional Research:

15 years of vertigo caused by a root canal treated tooth

“Duncan A. suffered sever vertigo for fifteen years. He had to sleep with two pillows to counteract the spinning sensation. He was also unable to fly.

Medical examination at Johns Hopkins University, Hershey Medical Center and numerous neurologists failed to diagnose Duncan’s underlying cause.

Duncan came in for an extended examination. A major red flag went up when Duncan mentioned he had a lower left second molar that was treated with root canal therapy.

When the tooth was tested by means of an energetic technique it showed the presence of infection with cytomegalovirus. Also this same virus was present in his left inner ear, which was the same side Duncan experienced his vertigo.

Treatment involved specific nutrients and home treatment with his own Rife machine. Two months into treatment his left ear popped open and his vertigo vanished. Duncan has been free of all his vertigo symptoms for the past several years.”

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References/Further reading:

Vertigo of dental origin

Meniere’s disease may be caused by common intraosseous dental pathology–Diagnosis using the comparative compression sign

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I am the founder of Meniere's disease help and the website Menieres-Help.Com in addition to being the researcher and writer of Managing Meniere's disease and The Need for Balance.
I have a 25 year association with Meniere's, as a sufferer for 7 years and spending most of the years since supporting others with this condition and researching and writing about solutions to it. Feel free to email me at:

34 replies on “Meniere’s Disease caused by Dental Work”

Can there be a definite diagnosis for dental causes? And can having your dental problems treated, stopped the meniere’s symptoms?

My ENT specialist is convinced there is a link between the neck and jaw and Meniere’s Disease. He has been conducting research into this link. In a radio interview (transcript here: in answer to the question “So more on how you’re convinced that there’s a link between the neck and Meniere’s disease. What makes you think that?” he says “Because we have found that patients with Meniere’s disease statistically also have neck and jaw problems and the situation was, ‘well how does it link up?’, and I have found that actually the neck and the inner ear connect via the middle ear. So the neck problem creates a mild Eustachian tube dysfunction and that is a mild dysfunction to ventilate the middle ear, because the Eustachian tube is the tube that connects the middle ear from the nasopharynx, from the back of the nose. So this mild Eustachian tube dysfunction is the threat to the inner ear.”

I have never had fillings but I have had braces and my wisdom teeth removed and my jaw has never been the same since then.

This is great, thanks for this info Tanya. We do get the odd person who has chiropractic work done on the neck or spine that helps . It seems that there can be many different reasons as to why someone might be experiencing Meniere’s Disease symptoms, so exploring as many possibilities as possibly would be wise in my book.

Tanya your post is interesting… if there is a potential link between ones neck and innter ear what does he/she suggest doing? If you don’t mind me asking.. who and where is your ent?


Michael T. Burcon, DC started researching Meniere’s disease (MD) ten years ago after having three MD patients quickly recover from their vertigo under upper cervical specific chiropractic care. His papers have been published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research and the textbook, Upper Cervical Subluxation Complex, a Review of the Chiropractic and Medical Literature, by Kirk Ericksen in 2004.

The First International Symposium on Meniere’s Disease was held in Germany in 1980. Subsequent meetings were held every five years in Boston, Rome and Paris. Dr. Burcon gave his first presentation on Meniere’s to medical doctors in 2005 at the Symposium in Los Angeles. Prior to that Burcon had presented his Meniere’s research to chiropractors. He later gave two presentations to the Prosper Meniere Society in Austria and one to the Politzer Society Meeting at Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Burcon will give his paper, “Cervical Specific Protocol and Results for 300 Meniere’s Patients,” to the Sixth International Symposium on Meniere’s Disease in Kyoto, Japan on November 16. His Session Topic will be, “Novel treatment of inner ear diseases.” He will also make himself available for patient consultations and demonstrations of his technique during his week in Japan.

Burcon has established a link between both Meniere’s disease and Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) with whiplash injuries that misalign the base of the skull with the top of the neck creating a lesion affecting the Eustachian tube and/or the Trigeminal ganglion. About half of these traumas are caused by vehicular traumas and the other half from injuries involving head trauma. Burcon believes that the correlation was not made because it takes an average of fifteen years from the time the patient was injured until the onset of symptoms.

Patients typically get diagnosed with MD or TN in middle age. Their injuries most often happened during high school or college years from a car accident, sports injury or fall on their heads. Few patients list these old injuries on their doctor’s admission paper work. In fact, they have often forgotten about them, believing they were not hurt if they were not admitted to the hospital.

Burcon Chiropractic hosted the Meniere’s Research Center’s 10th Annual Meniere’s Disease and Trigeminal Neuralgia Seminar in Grand Rapids, MI last June. Seventy doctors, patients and caregivers from five States and Canada participated. James Tomasi, author of “What Time Tuesday?” was the featured speaker. Next years seminar will be held in Ventura, CA, hosted by Dr. Jedidiah T. Smith.

Burcon has produced three Health Talk videos for GRTV. Health Talk III will first air on Monday, August 30 at 7 pm. Copies of Health Talk are available free on DVD. For more information on Dr. Burcon’s Meniere’s research e-mail, call (616) 575-9990 or go to and Burcon is available for interviews in the US and Japan.

Mayo Clinic site is reputable without argument. Suggestions on their Meniere’s Disease page suggest watching salt intake and MSG. MSG is a deadly toxin to me but everyone has tolerance levels. I ate tuna fish that replaced water and salt with Vegetable Broth (code word for MSG) and had a violent vertigo attack and shortly afterwards tinnitus in my right ear and then on to deafness in that ear. The food and drug administration will not ban it because it would put the food and drug industry out of business. One can simply not avoid it. We need a mass movement. It may cause the surge in ADHD and autism but who’s counting. Go to and get educated as to what to avoid. Check labels all the time and hope the manufacturer does not omit vital info………

I don’t think it is any way related to the neck. I can tell you i have suffered with this demon for 28 years. The Japaneses have promising studies that it is indeed as thought by many for years, a herpes virus which attacks the cochlea. Get to googling,lol. American doctors r clueless. Take Valium n a diuretic n live with it, they say. YOU LIVE WITH IT! Best results i have had for treatment – Lysine, bioflavanoids n Vitamin C. I have forgotten n had salt before n got no attacks, so i think they r full of bunk! Wishing dizzy-free days to all! Katey

I think the cause can be possibly very different in each individual…….bone misalignments, teeth problems, viral, metabolic problems, environment etc……it is a case of finding what is causing it for you……..

In my research on gum disease, most of it concludes that if any material doesn’t reach down deep into the gum pocket where the infection is, then it doesn’t have much value.

Menieres disease and Trigeminal neuralgia are often caused by whiplash. The correlation is often missed because it takes an average of fifteen years from the time of the trauma until the onset of symptoms. We have a seminar next month.

I agree with admin on his last comment.
What Katey wrote is however interesting. Sounds like she was following John’s regimen Treatment and it might helped her. I am not sure about the regimen but it looks interesting. There is however something I agree with John on his site and that is, that there is not 1 remedy against Meniere’s. I believe with him that the right way is to use multiple treatments to cover as much treatment area as possible.

I totally agree Sam, there doesnt ssem to be a one size fits all with Menieres. There are so many possibilities why we may have this and it may be different in each of us that yes we have to find what works for us

Meniere’s is a very complex and challenging debilitating disease that robs you of your life. What I find interesting about this illness is that not every supplement works and each case of meniere’s has to be treated differently. If most of these supplement regimen worked, both John of Ohio and other companies would have been become overnight block buster success world wide.

I do believe that some of these supplements do alleviate some of the symptoms but not all. One very important factor of MM is at what stage has the disease advanced or become severe. It’s similar to other serious diseases, the sooner it is treated the better the outcome of success. So as someone mentioned before, one size does not fit all.

I totally agree Elizabeth, when it comes to menieres disease, one size does not fit all. It is definitely case by case. BUt don’t forget two things, John of Ohio and ourselves are noit companies. He recommends his regime because it worked for him and others. We recommend what we use because it worked for us, conitinues to work for us and works for many others. The supplements we use for menieres disease are not FOR menieres disease really but rather just high quality supplements that, in conjuction with a good diet can help strengthen your immune system and the body rights any problems (within reason) itself.

IT has been working for us for more than ten years, the problems are two fold, A. people often (understandably in my eyes) don’t trust supplements and B. the supplements are expensive.
The other important factor to remember is that Menieres is NOT a disease, despite its name. It si an idiopathic condition (meaning they don’t know the reason or cause) and as such of course one size will noyt fit all. It’s all about finding what works for you.,

I agree with Elizabeth also, but I was been diagnosed with Menieres after several horrible Vertigo attacks. A few weeks later I ended up in the ER with vision issues. Many test later I was diagnosed with MS. The Menieres is secondary to the MS. I have been on an interferon drug for four years now, I’m a wife, a mom, work full time and finishing up my Ed.D. The trick is finding the right doctor that knows what you need.

You wouldn’t be the first to say that Mary. Seems to cause some people a lot of problems….

Interesting. Mine showed up the day after I had dental work done. Massive vertigo, hearing loss, ringing…. Now, 2 1/2 years later, I had extensive dental work. ALL the symptoms disappeared immediately after the work was completed for the first since they appeared 30 month ago. After a week and 1/2, the ringing seems to be slowly coming back. so far, no vertigo yet. Got to be a correlation…

I have had Menieres for about 3 years now – In the beginning very many violent attacks, slacking off as time went on. I ate right, did the salt thing , tried acupuncture , have had the best chiropractor , massages, I have always meditated, Physically active but not over – Live in the country and I sure am starting to believe root canals are a big cause. Some people say they have never had problems with their root canals. I am different as I have had about 4 and most of them bothered me after a long time and felt better when they were ripped out! I have gone through absolute HELL with the vertigo and throwing up and 2 days or more in bed lying with my head perfectly still – anyway I just suffered another attack this weekend – my worst one ever – and just when I thought they were over and my life is going very good – so I do not know………………….


We get a lot of people contacting us who end up finding root canal work, amalgam fillings or even jaw problems were the cause of their meniere’s disease symptoms

Have had Meniere’s for 6 years now. In the beginning, I had ringing in the ears, and severe vertigo. Quit drinking coffee immediately. Eventually the vertigo and the ear ringing subsided. Take fluid pills on a daily basis. Have had attacks about once or twice/year. Take meclizine when symptoms creep up on me. Mainly vertigo, but the meclizine helps. I think stress plays a huge role in this disease so I try to rest when I can. Had a slight vertigo attack yesterday morning and a migraine. The migraine only lasted for 30 minutes (the kind where your vision is blurry). Have been sleeping like crazy all weekend. No vertigo now. Also, watch the sodium. I’ve read that you’re not suppose to have over 2,000 milligrams per day. I love iced tea and I have been drinking alot so cut it out all weekend. Have had brain fog all weekend and episodes of low energy. The kind where you can’t do anything but sleep. I hate this disease, but I try to make the best of it. It gets in the way of having a normal life. Can’t drink alcohol, have to watch the caffeine and sodium and not get so stressed out. Caffeine and Sodium is HUGE in my case. I really have to watch it. I’ve wondered if wisdom teeth have anything to do with this disease. I have a wisdom tooth in my sinus cavity that dentists will not touch. If anyone knows anything about this, I would appreciate any information that you can provide. Have had allergies for the last 2 years and have wondered if this plays a role as well.

Hi Dawn,

Thanks for this contribution, exactly what we need thank-you. Remembering that I am not a medical professional but in my experience the wisdom tooth could well be a major factor. Send us an email with your full history and i will send it on to a medical professional who I am sure cam help you with this.

I am convinced this is caused by mercury (amalgams). Go to youtube and put in smoking tooth. Look for the green background and click on it. It shows the poison gas emitted when we have fillings and brush our teeth, eat something hot, or eat. Also go to DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mecury Solutions). The Boston Philharmonic Conductor Dr. Ben Zander had Meniere’s so bad he had to stop in the middle of conducting and couldn’t work. Please go to this link for his testimony to the FDA in 2010.
I have Meniere’s disease and it is dibilitating.

Hi, still work on the webside how it should sound not get people frightened, specially those who has amalgam fillings and widsom teeth work as well. From my experience the amalgam, cavitations and wisdom teeth jobs is one of the major cause of Menieres disease. We know that the cause can be different in different people, but bacterina/s is one of the major caues this disease in some people or a lots of people. Just working on webside to bring the story and how I found with help of profesionals that the cause my menieres is a bacteria or bunch of bacterias from cavitation in jaw which by dental work can be really easy spread to the bones to inner ear. The toxins attacks the inner ear. Your immune sysyem in stomach is affected by this presence of anaerobic bacteria too and toxins in stomach from bacterias there affects your inner ear too, such as helicobacteria. Theese bacterias work together agains the immune system and kills with its toxins in inner ears bones cavitations caused by dental work ( cracking part of bone where the bacteria went into). The message is that this cause does not need to be a cause in another person where the cause can be soemting elese. In my case the Menieres is cause by bacteria/s. Just work on the story how I went to this conclusion and why I think it is an information which goverment will not support. Look at the scandinavian dental work and amalgam fillings not to be used in dentistry. The goverment should support people and research into it. We can ask ourelf why we do not learn from Scandinavian politics and let people, even kids beeing sensitive to amalgam to suffer and let it go?? Always the role is money, fear of truth and mess which can come up afterwards if the real cause of Menieres and other illnisses is amalgam with cavitations. Please write to me what do you think about amlagam filling with cavitations and dental work to

I was recently diagnosed with MD. After reading what everyone had to say about dental work and the possible link with MD; I tend to agree. Here’s my story. In Oct. 2011 a dentist pulled upper wisdom tooth. It breached my sinus canal. It took a very long time for hole to close completely. I didn’t think much of it but now may have been biggest mistake of my life! It closed, however, not completely for I’d say a good six months. No problems. No infections nothing. A year and a half later…..bam. Hit with MD (out of the blue) on July 17th 2013. I ended up in ER for about 5 hours. I mentioned this to my ENT doctor who took quick look and said; it’s healed and nothing more. Did hearing test which shows; lost of low and high tone in my right ear. Ringing in right ear too. I decided upon Acupuncture. My wife is Chinese and having visited China five times decided – why not! My first Acupuncturist didn’t ask a whole lot of questions. I went to see him four time. Not much changed. I decided to see different Acupuncturist today and man, did she ever ask, ask and ask questions! Placed many more needles then fist Acupuncturist. Even place four on scalp. I’m going back next week for two more sessions with fingers crossed. When I mentioned Acupuncturist to my ENT doc he said nothing. Doctor wants me on Triamterne daily. I’m holding off for now.

Bottom line. I think my MD may be associated with dental work having read everyones entry.

A root canal and filling caused all my problems with my tinnitus and menieres .

I have severe vertigo, that started 4 years ago. it all started a week after root canal dental work and filling. Do you suggest, it might be the reason?
Please, give more info on your condition and how did you managed to cure it.
Please email me an answer to

Had my 6 wisdom teeth pulled out in August2018, maybe a month or so later I started having ringing in my ear. In February 2019 I had a violent attack which I finally went to a doctor to see and said I have Menieres and for the first 3 weeks it helped but today as I write this, the ringing has been going on for a week straight, I woke up and the room was spinning a bit and when I turn my head I lose my balance. I don’t know what to do and am scared. I’m too young for this sh*t. 22 years old.

The onset of my MD was after I got metal braces on my teeth. Could there be a connection?

Hi, I’ve just been diagnosed with Meniere’s a week ago. I told countless times to the doctors that everything started some time after I got removed my 4 wisdom teeth a little over 2 years ago. I am not sure what I should do next. I am starting to get more familiar with the condition but I am still too new on this. Would anybody be able to make a test on me to find out if there is something extra that can be done? I just feel that I got the diagnostic but although I’ve mentioned the wisdom teeth situation I am completely ignored. Thanks!

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