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The Menieres-Help website was originally set up by Mike Spencer in 2004. That’s me over on the left. That’s a screen shot google + so kindly put up as my profile picture, taken from one of my early videos I put on youtube. Thanks google for showing me in my full ugly, bald splendor.

After suffering 7 years of hell with Meniere’s, seeing 13 different doctors in 4 different countries, trying various treatments, therapies, an unholy mix of drugs and very expensive surgery; all unsuccessful in alleviating the horror that can be Meniere’s, I finally found something that allowed me to live symptom free in the summer of 2002. In the years that followed, after a period of almost forgetting I’d ever had Meniere’s because I felt so liberated and energized, I decided I wanted to help others find relief.

I joined a network of people in a global support group who not only tried to put the word out about how to live symptom free through dietary/lifestyle changes and quality supplements but focused on how to find the root causes and triggers for Meniere’s. In those days it was like finding a needle in a haystack. Today things are VERY different.

In 2004 I set up my first Meniere’s information and support website while based in Japan (not a very good attempt I have to say!). In the following years I worked almost every spare hour researching, communicating with thousands of sufferers, doctors and other medical professional while emailing what I knew out to anyone who contacted me.

What sickened me so much and still angers me today, was the fact so many people would contact me and say their doctor had given up on them, told them to take the drugs and learn to live with it. All the while doctors would too often brush off the truth about how we can live symptom free and can find and deal with our root cause as mere hearsay and anecdotal evidence. In defense of these doctors, that is the culture we have in the West, we “treat” illness with drugs and operations rather than look for the cause and deal with the origin of the problem. The key to this problem and all the mis-perceptions with Meniere’s is everyone is looking at ‘definitive’ causes.  Read through this blog and website or our two books and you will realize why this leads to dead ends.

Since 2009 my focus has increasingly been on finding actual causes, something the medical profession rarely talks about. Through my research and at times, using myself as an ongoing case study I managed to find my cause(s) and took action. I already lived symptom free through lifestyle changes, dietary changes and using the high quality dietary supplements mentioned above. I would not have reached the point where I eliminated the causal factors of my Meniere’s symptoms had I not been in constant contact with thousands of sufferers and health professionals through the main website Menieres-Help.Com

The problem was we were faced with the fact not everyone could achieve living symptom free through supplements. The vast majority who tried and stuck with the correct supplements could indeed live symptom free.
There was however, a small minority of those who were unsuccessful. The main problem was many people either felt they couldn’t afford the supplements or genuinely could not afford them, didn’t believe in the concept or just plain didn’t trust the idea and felt it was some kind of scam.

Indeed it took me 18 months from first hearing about the supplements before I tried them and then I only went ahead with it because I was so desperate after thinking I had tried everything and paid around $10,000 dollars for an endolymphatic shunt implant, that ultimately was a failure. I was at the point where I would have drunk kitchen bleach if I thought it would have helped.  I was that tired and desperate for relief.

Conversely I started getting mails from people who had actually found their original cause, sometimes through seemingly obscure avenues. Things that were not usually associated with Meniere’s (or so it seemed).

The more I researched and the more I communicated with sufferers, I could see the puzzles coming together and by joining the dots it was easy to see correlations and common themes usually missed by treating doctors.

After years of support work, discussions with health professionals, research and study into actual root causes, I wrote a two part series of a books on exactly how you can live symptom free, find your cause, live free of Meniere’s “Disease” and ultimately by healing yourself, help future generations of Meniere’s sufferers, vertigo sufferers and sufferers of other vestibular disorders find both quick relief and take appropriate action to find their cause quickly.

I hope you find the website (Menieres-Help.Com) informative and helpful. Our hope is to give you insight on your condition and how to deal with it. Backed up by the books, I hope there is enough info to set you free of Meniere’s Disease and allow you to get your life back.  By doing this and sharing your story you can help future generations deal with their Meniere’s quickly and not have to spend years in such desperation as I did. I have people contact me who have been suffering for 30 years for goodness sake – this seems criminal to me when the answers are there for all to see.

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Thank you for visiting our blog and website and I hope it helps you find answers. May you live the rest of your life Meniere’s free. Take Care

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