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Meniere’s Disease – Amalgam and Mercury

Meniere’s Disease – Is amalgam a root cause in some sufferers?

Mercury leaking from amalgam dental fillings is just one of several possible root causes of Meniere’s Disease symptoms. When people have removed amalgam from their mouths often they find themselves free of Meniere’s altogether.  This is one of the most common themes among sufferers who have contacted Meniere’s Help over the past 12 years.

Exposure to mercury is a major heath concern and amalgam is not the only way it may get into our bodies, though it is the most common. People who live near coal burning power plants may be at risk and in recent years vaccinations are sometimes laced with mercury, supposedly to cause an immune response.  Considering The World Health Organization states that no amount of Mercury exposure is safe, this is a concern that should be taken very seriously.

Do you have amalgam in your mouth? Have you considered having it removed.

Watch the video below for more on amalgam and Meniere’s.

Is Meniere’s disease amalgam and mercury toxicity an issue?

Read a more in depth look about the overwhelming evidence pointing to mercury and in particular amalgam as a trigger or root cause of Meniere’s symptoms by clicking the link below:

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