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Cellular Nutrition and Meniere’s Disease

Dr Strand was one of the doctors credited with originally putting together the regimen of supplements discussed on Meniere’s Help and elsewhere. This regimen has been successfully used by sufferers to support their immune system and keep symptoms either to a  minimum or suppress them completely since the late 1990’s.

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Why cellular nutrition is important for Meniere’s Sufferers

In this very informative video he talks about the concept of ‘healthy cells’ and the importance of nutrition in avoiding and in some cases reversing degenerative diseases and health conditions such as Meniere’s Disease.

For 23 years he was opposed to and did his best to put patients off the idea of supplements, claiming they just produced “expensive urine” and had no benefits.

Listen to how and why he changed his mind.

Of course he plugs his website and Doctors practice at the end. But this is a very informative and important video for anyone considering trying these supplements used with such success. Perhaps especially the more skeptical of us.

We have long touted the benefits of one supplement product we use which has grape seed extract as its main ingredient, based on the experiences of our readers. Listen to Dr Strand’s opinion on this.

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