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Supplements for Meniere’s Disease – Case Study

Supplements for Meniere’s Disease – case study

Jonas from Belgium has agreed to communicate for a case study using supplements to try and bring his Meniere’s Disease symptoms under control.

I asked him because he lives in Belgium and can not get hold of the exact same supplements used in the US, UK and other English speaking countries. There are many people who can not get access to the same supplements for one reason or another, be it they are in different country or they can’t afford it perhaps, so we want to help find alternatives for those people.


Jonas Govaerts to me
show details 4:40 PM
Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply!

I showed your site to a friend who studies alternative medicine, and he provided me with these products: MarinEPA (gold + vitamine D, supercritical Omega-3 supplements) from Minami Nutrition, a bottle of Ginkgo Biloba from Phyto Reform, and Multivitamins from OrtoPhyt.

If there’s anything missing, or if I should add anything, please let me know.

I’ve only been diagnosed six months ago, and for now, the symptoms are relatively mild: I suffer from tinnitus and low-frequency hearing loss, but not vertigo. However, since I’m a professional musician and filmmaker, I find this illness very distressing.

I’m really glad I found your site, since very little people in the medical world seem up to date about Menière’s.
Which reminds me: I’m also taking Betahistine (I think it’s called BetaSerc in the States) but am already lowering my dose,
since it doesn’t seem to do much for me. I hope this medicine doesn’t interfere with the products you recommend?

All the Best from Belgium,
Jonas Govaerts

Mike Spencer to Jonas
show details 4:48 PM
HI Jonas,

We use a Ginkgo which is important, a broad spectrum optimized multivitamin/mineral,
GRAPE SEED EXTRACT (is the main ingredient that helps inflammation….allegedly).

The Omega oils are a good addition because the Dr who originally put the program together added that a few years ago.

As you know the supplements will be available in Belgium soon but I am always looking for alternatives (cheaper) for people.
Would you mind if I followed your progress and put it as a case study on the blog to help others in your position?

I know its a lot to ask but it would help others

Take Care and mail me anytime


Jonas Govaerts to me
show details 5:24 PM
Hi Mike,

I don’t mind at all, I’ll keep you updated about my progress and you can ask me anything you want.

I’m also a member of the  group Youngsters With Menière’s, they’ve been a great help.
There’s so much misinformation on the net about the disease it’s always good to come in contact with people who know what their talking about and/or have lived through what I’m experiencing.

Just to be clear: do I still need to get the grape seed extract, or is that included in the Multivitamins?

Take Care,

Jonas Govaerts to me

Hi Mike,

Just to give you the whole picture: I’m also trying acupuncture, and have recently received a steroid injection in my left eardrum.
I’ve experienced less pressure and tinnitus since then, but the hearing loss seems the same.
They’re doing a new audiogram next week, I’ll let you know if anything has changed.

I know of only two supplement stores in Antwerp, where I live, so please let me know if the new shop opens!

All Best,

Mike Spencer to Jonas
show details 6:02 PM (7 minutes ago)

Thanks so much for your help Jonas. I am sure a lot of people will appreciate it 🙂

You will most probably have to get the grape seed extract separately, but check the labels for the ingredients….you never know.
And thanks for the advice about the group ‘Youngsters with Menière’s,’

Hope the first update is a positive one

Take Care and mail me anytime


Jonas Govaerts to me
show details 6:06 PM (3 minutes ago)

Okay, I’ll try to track it down!

Like I said, I’m ‘only’ suffering from hearing loss and tinnitus at the moment, but I understand the vertigo is a far worse symptom.
Hope I never have to experience it, but you never know with this unpredictable disease…

All Best,

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