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Meniere’s Disease And Allergies

Meniere’s Disease And Airborne Allergies

It is Spring in the northern hemisphere and in many countries hay fever and allergens in the air, pollen from trees and flowers, grasses etc will be causing havoc for people with Meniere’s disease.

Meniere’s disease and allergies in the spring and the autumn/fall to a less extent ho hand in hand. Airborne allergies are a very common trigger and symptoms increase for many sufferers at these times.

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If you have Meniere’s disease the pollen may get clogged up in your sinuses and cause dizziness and vertigo.  This can happen even if you do not directly suffer from hay fever or pollen allergy.

Every year the number of people contacting  Menieres-Help.Com increases significantly around this time of year.

Many sufferers of Meniere’s disease don’t need a doctor or studies to tell them allergies increase pressure and tinnitus and result in increased dizziness and other symptoms. 

They can feel it every season. However there are many studies confirming this. To quote the conclusion of  the 2015 study on the NIH, The link between Allergy and Meniere’s disease:

“MD, although described greater than 150 years ago, is still considered an idiopathic disease. Continued research is needed to further understand the etiology to assist in treatment.

An association between allergy and MD has been shown in cross-sectional and observational studies while animal studies have shown evidence of allergic activity within the inner ear.

Further studies are needed to demonstrate this association via well-designed randomized trials with inclusion of potential confounders. However, given the low risk to patients, inclusion of allergy avoidance and immunotherapy should be considered as part of the treatment plan to help patients control MD symptoms”

Meniere’s Disease And Allergies – Prevention

Prevention is always better than the cure as they say. When you know what your triggers are then why not take steps to avoid this triggers. 

You could wear a dust mask during this season, steam your sinuses regularly. You can also make sure you take great care in other areas of your life that could increase the chances of Meniere’s attacks such as diet, stress and lifestyle (smoking, drinking etc).

There are always triggers in foods, drinks,  the environment, your lifestyle etc . The more you are exposed to the more this will compound your symptoms. Reducing the chances of triggering an increase in symptoms as much as you can would seem prudent.

Steaming with pure clean steam, (not saline solutions), regularly during the allergy season and/or if you work in dusty/polluted environments can help a great deal in keeping symptoms at bay.

Cleaning your sinuses this way keeps them moist. Medications can dry up the sinuses and prevent them from doing their job. The symptoms of allergies are uncomfortable, but the sinuses are doing their job.

The sinuses, along with the tonsils are the first line of defense in your immune system and they should not be prevented from working.

Steaming is a safer and effective way to clean them.

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