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Meniere’s – Thyroid and Endocrine System

How are the Thyroid and the Endocrine System linked to Meniere’s disease?

Meniere's - Thyroid and Endocrine System - Image of thyroid in the base of the neck

Both the endocrine system and thyroid  have been linked to Meniere’s. Up to 38% of Meniere’s disease sufferers have thyroid issues

The thyroid is part of the endocrine system and metabolism, which is also linked to Meniere’s, is regulated by the thyroid. Have you been checked for thyroid dysfunction?

The thyroid is one one of the most overlooked possible root causes of Meniere’s  symptoms. Consider the fact that endocrine disruptors saturate our environment, food, drinks, household goods, personal hygiene products and cosmetics. Anything throwing this hormone system out of sync can affect the thyroid and metabolism. It may be wise to consider this as a serious factor in your own individual case and get checked. Either eliminate this as a possibility or take action if needed.

Video: Meniere’s Disease: Relationships to Thyroid, Autoimmunity, and Allergy

In depth article on Meniere’s disease and thyroid dysfunction

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