Vitamin supplements for Meniere's
Email us for details of the exact supplements we use or see the bottom of the page for some possible alternatives

The supplements we use are not cheap, it has to be said.

If you are living under normal financial circumstances I would strongly suggest you look at what you spend your money on and consider buying the same brand as we use. Quite simply, we know they work and they have a proven track record.

It bugged me for years that many people could not afford these supplements and had to continue suffering simply because of money.

What do you say to a single mom on welfare who can't possibly afford them.

This was one of the many reasons we researched and studied underlying causes so extensively.

We always asked that sufferers to tell us if they have found cheaper brands that helped.

We rarely get recommendations that we could endorse with confidence.

However we did receive  one or two about supplements mentioned at the bottom of the page.

If money is an issue for you then you might want to try these first.

I can not guarantee anything and I can not have the same level of confidence as with the supplements we use but they have worked for some, we know that.

If they work for you, please let us know.
It is a fact that many people live free of Meniere's Disease symptoms while taking high quality nutritional supplements.

In my younger days, when I was a serious sportsman I took multi-vitamins from the local pharmacy for a few months and was totally underwhelmed. So when I was told about this regimen of supplements and how they could allow Meniere's sufferers to live symptom free, quite frankly I didn't believe nor trust the idea one bit.

So much so that it was 18 months before I actually gave in and tried them. Very long story short, very quickly I started to feel better. It took a full 6 months for my vertigo to completely disappear but right from the beginning I felt I was getting better.

Within a few days the brain fog was gone, I had bags of energy and the dizziness disappeared. I had a few ups and downs along the way but the whole time I could feel the improvement.

You can read my whole story here.

What do people have success with?

We use a particular brand and some of the nutrient formulas are patented. These supplements were recommended by two doctors (see below) and to be quite frank you must choose wisely when choosing what you buy. 

There are quite literally thousands of manufacturers out there and many are very poor quality. Unfortunately, generally there is no regulation from the FDA or other national bodies around the world to quarantee the safety, potency and quality of nutritional supplements . They are classed as foods not drugs and many supplements do not have the exact amounts of nutrients quoted on the containers. In addition to that many use fillers and binders that are either not useful or are not absorbed well into your body. Some even have harmful ingredients.

Are there other quality supplements available that can help? Absolutely, but this is just a word of caution. It would be a great shame if you popped down to your local store and bought the first supplements you see on the shelf, they didn't help you at all, then you gave up on the idea. You could be missing a very real chance of helping yourself ease your suffering and live symptom free. Is it a cure? No.  You need to find your underlying cause for that but it CAN be done. No matter what you have been told, there is a cause and you can find it. Click here to learn more.

As I say we use a very specific brand but this is basically what the regimen is made up of:

Broad spectrum, optimized Multi-Vitamins very high in anti-oxidants.
Broad spectrum, optimized chelated Multi-Minerals.
A quality Calcium supplement.
Bioflavonoids & High dose Vitamin C  (Grape seed extract)
Ginkgo extract.

The vast majority of people we talk to manage on the above only. Some occasionally increase the grape seed extract temporarily if they feel an increase in pressure or have any problems.

Dr Strand was one of the doctors who put this regimen together in the 1990's and he later added Omega oils, CoQ10 and a Lipoflavonoid to his recommendation.

The entire concept behind the use of quality supplements is to help support your immune system with the best possible nutrition available, so you can live a more healthy and energetic lifestyle. Remember we are not talking about drugs..just high grade natural nutrition, taken from concentrated food extracts. That is with the exception of ginkgo, which is herbal and comes from a tree prevalent in east Asia.

How does it work?

You may have heard of the term endolymphatic hydrops. The definition of hydrops is: “edema: swelling from excessive accumulation of watery fluid in cells, tissues, or serous cavities” We have such cavities within our ears.

So when you see or hear these terms, “endolymphatic hydrops” or “secondary endolymphatic hydrops”  What is being said is you have inflammation (or swelling) inside your inner ear.

The inflammation process is a natural biological reaction from your body’s immune system to any disturbance in an area that needs help from the immune system. Under normal circumstances the immune system send its defenders to deal with pathogens disturbing whatever part of the body is being attacked or disturbed.

The swelling occurs as a surge in oxidation takes place as a result of the frantic activity of your inner defenders and all the excess energy produced ( creating what are called free radicals -like a fire spitting out sparks).   Then your body’s supply of antoxidants cleans up the mess and gets that part of the body back to normal as your new cells are regenerated healthily.

In medicine, there is a term called ‘silent inflammation’. This is when the inflammation process goes on for over-extended periods of time without being detected.  The body’s supply of antioxidants cannot keep up with the demand and it starts getting messy in there.  This is how degenerative diseases and conditions occur.  Your body is losing the inner battle and the inflammation becomes chronic, creating degenerative disease states.

Studies have shown that systematic inflammation is involved in at least 22 serious health conditions, from heart attacks to arthritis, diabetes to Parkinson’s disease.

So what we need to stop this happening are two things:  First we need to look at what is the source of this resulting inflammation, which is something we have spent a lot of time studying and researching in recent years ( you learn more about that by clicking here) and how can we make sure the body can keep up with the demand for antioxidants needed while this silent inflammation is taking place.

The second part of this equation would explain why using high quality supplementation, which provides potent antioxidants, helps Meniere’s sufferers keep the symptoms at bay. In most cases it doesn’t address the underlying cause but it does deal with the resulting cause of the symptoms. It reduces or stops the inflammation occurring. It strengthens your immune system and makes it more efficient.

Add to this a diet high in antioxidant fresh fruits and vegetables and you are giving yourself a much better chance of enabling your immune system to deal with your hydrops.

I say in most cases it doesn't address the underlying cause, but it depends from person to person. We are all different and have different causes and triggers. For example if your underlying cause were related to neck misalignments then the supplements could supply the antioxidants needed to keep the inflammation at bay but to get to the root of the problem you would need chiropractic manipulation or something similar.

On the other hand if your cause was related to endochrine imblances then the correct diet and the supplements might be exactly what you need to get to the root of your symptoms.

A quality supplement regimen can aid your immune system and clean you of toxins, allowing your body to take care of itself. The need for a multi-vitamin/mineral for everyone regardless of their condition is now accepted to be  'prudent'. This was the term used by a formerly reluctant AMA when forced to accept that supplementation was needed after studies by two Harvard doctors showed this to be the case....these are the 'essential' vitamins, minerals and cofactors needed by the body to function as it should.

In a perfect world, we wouldn't need supplementation. Unfortunately though, for a myriad of reasons this is not a perfect world when it comes to our health and what we eat. This is discussed in more detail on the page: The Case For Supplementation.

The antioxidant formula has all the vitamins you need and their role is discussed above. The minerals work in synergy with these vitamins, just as they would when found naturally together in whole foods.

Calcium helps transport oxygen through the blood around your body and (in theory) helps keep the tiny bones between your middle ear and inner ear from rupturing (it has been said that this can happen when there is a vertigo attack).

Gingko helps blood flow to the peripheral blood vessels especially around the brain area (very important for Menieres). It is also a powerful antioxidant.

The Bioflavonoids and high dose Vitamin C combination is perhaps the most important element. Grape seed extract has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Again packed with antioxidants.

To put it in the simplest possible terms: the belief is, and the evidence shows us, that the supplements are supporting or aiding our body's own immune system to deal with the inflammation in our inner ear more efficiently.

Another important factor to note is that dietary supplementation is not mutually exlusive. It works in synergy with a heallthy, whole food diet.

Can Dietary Supplements Cure me of Meniere's Disease?

No, in most cases we don't believe so. But as stated above, there may be instances where the root cause may require balanced nutrition as the answer.   And we do not look at supplementation as being a treatment either. It is our belief that high quality supplements can help your body deal with the inflammation within your ear and allow you to live symptom free.  To cure your Meniere's completely you need to find your original cause or trigger and deal with that accordingly. It can be different in each individual, but it can be done. The supplements allow you to live normally while you search for your own cause. Learn more about causes here.

Why do we keep using the terms: 'high quality', 'broad spectrum' and 'optimized' when talking about supplements?

As stated above there are 1000's of supplement products available in health food stores, pharmacies and online. The quality, safety, and potency can vary greatly.  Some are fantastic products with great health benefits, others are less impressive, some are questionable, some a complete waste of time and money and some are even considered to be dangerous.

A few years ago I checked 'The comparative guide to nutritional supplements and found out that of an index score of 300 for Antioxidant formula, mineral formula and potency, a popular brand scored a pathetic 15 !!  The supplements we use score 300. That shows the huge disparity possible between what might seem to the unasuming buyer to be very similar products

There are a lot of very poor quality supplements on the shelves of health food stores and the like and it is sometimes questionable if the supplements actually contain what it says on the label.  They need to have optimum levels of all the essential vitamins, minerals and cofactors, and be perfectly balanced. We would be happy to send you the ingredients of the supplements we use to help in your search.

The supplements should be listed in the Physicians Desk Reference, meaning they are on a list that doctors can consult and feel confident in recommending them to patients.

The manufacturing process of the supplements should be of Pharmaceutical grade, manufactured under the same strict regulations as drugs for medicine. This is something that is not required by law, but a handful of companies volunteer to be regulated this way to prove the quality, safety and potency of their supplements. These are the manufacturers you want to use.

A good way to find this kind of information would be to check in the " Nutrisearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements" by Lyle MacWilliam MSc, FP.
You can the 2014 guide here: Comparative Guide To Nutritional Supplements 2014 found that over 40% of supplements tested had serious defects. The supplements we use are consumerlab certified. Email for full details of the exact supplements we take.
Dr Strand explains the importance of supplementation and Meniere's

The need for supplementation and substitute brands.

Biologically speaking, everyone is slightly different. In terms of how fast results happen from taking these supplements, it can seem like we are very different.  Most people see results within a month, sometimes a couple of weeks, some even within days. While with others it may take longer. It seems to depend on the severity of the condition, the origin of the condition and how long they have had it and other possible related health conditions they may have.

Dr Strand says it takes 6 months for the body's immune system to be rebuilt and people should give it six months before judging whether successful or not..

Our health generally depends on the condition of the most basic living unit in the body - the cell. Our bodies are made up of around 100 trillion cells that are constantly dying and being regenerated; being  replaced by new cells. These cells need to be kept healthy in order for us to stay healthy.
We keep them healthy by feeding them. If the cells are not getting the right amount of nutrition, clean water and air they are unable to function as they should.

“It has been established that the two most common causes of diseases are: 1) Lack of fuel to the cell-in other words lack of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. 2) A reprogramming of the cell’s control system e.g. in viruses and diseases such as cancer.” Dr L. Bannock.

If the body’s nutritional needs are constantly met then each cell will be replaced by a healthy new cell and in turn the immune system will be strong, resulting in the proper function of our organs. With the right nutrition unhealthy cells will be replaced by healthy ones.

The primary, and by far the most frequent, cause of malfunction of cells is the chronic  deficiency of essential nutrients, in particular vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace   elements. These essential nutrients are needed for a multitude of biochemical reactions and other cellular functions in every single cell of our body. Chronic deficiencies of one or more of these essential nutrients, therefore, must lead to cellular malfunction and to  disease.”  Matthius Rath. MD

If you weren't aware of all this before; you are now. Strong antioxidants provide extra ‘fighting power’ to the immune system, neutralizing free radicals and acting as very strong anti-inflammatories, drawing away unwanted fluid from the cells. In our case the cells in and around the endolymphatic sac. This is why the correct "quality" supplementation helps our bodies stay symptom free.

If you want a substitute for the supplements we use then these supplements have been endorsed by some. In fact only last week (January 2014) I received this report from Elliot in the UK:

    "I want to thank you! I was diagnosed 7 years ago and although I wasn't as bad as many poor sufferers it was severely effecting my life. I had a mild dizzy attack every day or so and a full blown attack once or twice a month.
I have been taking the supplements you recommend since July 2013, making sure they were pharmaceutical grade. I started feeling tentatively better within a few weeks. I have not had an attack now since August, so 5 clear months.
I think the key is "controlled" rather than "cured" as the site says. I still maintain a low salt / caffeine / alcohol diet (without being obsessive) but this huge improvement has allowed me to relax and get on with things without the constant worry of when the next attack will arrive. I sincerely hope more sufferers will try this approach and I will do my best to pass details to your site. Thank you so much.

I think what you do on the website is commendable as well as charitable. I am pretty good at taking large groups of data and defining them into summary presentations so if I can ever be of use in that way I'd be happy to give up some free time for it.

Best regards


If you can I would still recommend using the same supplements as we do but just in case; this is what he used:

A to Z Multi Vitamins & Minerals (Simply Supplements)
Ginkgo 10,000mg (Simply Supplements)
Vitamin C 1000 Rosehip/Citrus Bioflavonoid (Simply Supplements)
Calcium 500 with Vitamin D3 200iu (Simply Supplements)
Grape Seed Extract 50mg ( Simply Supplements)

Elliot bought them at evitamins online store and he says they offer free delivery. Click on the urls to the left for evitamins in your country. then just enter the above supplements into the search space.

If you buy similar products, but different brands and have any succes with them, please let us know so we can pass that information on to other sufferers. evitamins have online stores for other countries so if you want to know your country's url just mail and ask us:  Mexico/China/Japan/Greece/Russia/Brazil

If you decide to get the same supplements that we use and recommend, that are discussed on this page, just email us using the form at the top of the page and we will send you all the details you need.

The vast majority live symptom free with the following:
Mega Antioxidants (Multi Vit)
Chelated Minerals
Grape Seed Extract (Vit C/Bioflanonoid Formula)

The minimum people get results with are:
Mega Antioxidants
Chelated Minerals
Grape Seed Extract

Dr Strand's maximum recommendation is:
Mega Antioxidants (Multi Vit)
Chelated Minerals
Grape Seed Extract (Vit C/Bioflavonoid Formula)
Omega Oil

*Foot note 1: Lipoflavonoid is a product specifically manufactured for Meniere's and Tinnitus. You can get hold of it online at Amazon. See Amazon links for your country to the left. The link will take you to the 500 capsules but smaller amounts can be seen on the same page*

*Foot note 2: All of the above supplements that we use are 100% safe. However, in the case of
Ginkgo; if you are taking blood thinners like warfarin or aspirin please consult your doctor first.

I hope you find this information useful. Email me anytime at

Dr Strand is a doctor who strongly believes that quality supplementation is vital for disease prevention in this day and age. He was also responsible for putting the combination of supplements above together. He has kindly allowed us to display his video explaining how and why he ended his 23 year opposition to supplementation and how he uses supplements for degenerative diseases and conditions such as Meniere's Disease.

Of course he plugs his medical practice at the end, but the message he has is very powerful
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By Mike Spencer
Meniere's and dietary supplements
Why don't you just state the name of the brand and the exact products here on the website?

We used to and had links direct to the manufacturer who sell direct to the customer.

The manufacturer contacted us a couple of years ago and showed concerns that they would get into trouble with the FDA if we were seen diagnosing and treating people using their products.

We are of course doing neither. We merely state the truth, that quality supplements can strengthen and support your immune system and it is your body that is dealing with the symptoms with this support.

However we understood that they were one of the very few manufacturers who choose to be regulated by the FDA so their products are assured of being of pharmaceutical grade.

They have a very good reputation and their supplements are used by olympic teams and other professional sports people. This is why they are so strict.

They did however tell us that they had no problem with us discussing their supplements in private emails.     
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