Meniere's Help was born from the experiences of a group of former sufferers and health professionals who were brought together through having very similar experiences with the symptoms of Meniere's. That being, that we had all suffered for several years or had family members suffer with the tortuous symptoms of Meniere's disease and we had found solutions.

This particular site was first set up by Mike Spencer in 2004 and then in its present form in 2008. The content on Meniere's Help is researched and produced with the intent to help people understand their condition and to encourage them to learn how to deal with it. At the time of writing this (2023) Mike has had a 28 year association with this condition. 19 of those years researching, writing and supporting sufferers.

Mike has researched and authored two books on how to deal with Meniere's disease: Managing Meniere's disease (published 2013) and The Need for Balance - Dealing with the causes of Meniere's disease (published in 2016). He also authored the kindle Meniere's Reports 10 part series.

He is currently working the second edition of The Need for Balance.

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Originally from the UK, Mike has lived all over the world and now runs an organic fruit farm & farm-stay in Thailand.

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