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Meniere’s Help (Menieres-Help.Com) has been dedicated to bringing positive information, a deeper understanding of this idiopathic condition and resources to Meniere’s sufferers since 2004. Please browse through the main site and find a wealth of information about this condition and always keep in mind that we now know that NOBODY (pre-invasive, destructive surgery) has to live with Meniere’s. To think anything else is an outdated and incorrect view, but sadly a view that still prevails throughout the medical community.

All contributors and friends of Meniere’s Help have lived through Meniere’s themselves, overcome the condition and have been supporting other sufferers and helping them do the same since before 2004.  At the time of writing this message, I have now been researching and writing on the subject of Meniere’s triggers and underlying root causes for over 7 years and continue to do so. Every year it gets clearer and easier as to how to rid yourself of Meniere’s. 1000’s of sufferers who have contacted us over the years and were able to free themselves of all their symptoms stand in testimony to this fact.

There is no one single magical silver bullet to deal with your symptoms, but with enough knowledge you can find what matches your individual case. Every case is slightly different and there can be several possible root causes and many contributing factors. This blog has over 100 posts and articles dating back from 2008 through to today and the main website has over 20 pages.

You can learn how to manage your symptoms by reading Managing Meniere’s Disease – How to Live Symptom Free and you can learn how to eliminate Meniere’s from your life completely by reading The Need for Balance – Dealing with the Causes of Meniere’s. In both cases, gaining the knowledge available is not enough. You must use that knowledge and act accordingly, taking appropriate action in your individual case. Always remember we are here to help so never hesitate to email us at meniereshelp@gmail.com

The common theme throughout the Menieres Help site and this blog is that you can, not only live symptom free but also find your root cause and eliminate it from your life altogether, therefore ridding yourself of Meniere’s forever.

You CAN get your life back. This has been done by thousands  (to our knowledge alone), and is being done all the time. So read through the main site, this blog and/or read ‘Managing Meniere’s Disease‘ and The Need for Balance, get informed and get your life back.  Arm yourself with knowledge and TAKE ACTION.

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If you are a doctor or health professional we welcome any input, discussion or debate. Our 100% confidence in the positive message that everyone can overcome Meniere’s comes not only from our own personal experience but scientific medical data, studies and statistics and most importantly the experiences of multiple thousands who have contacted us over the past 12 years and continue to do so.

Mike Spencer

Founder of Menieres Help

Researcher and author of Managing Meniere’s Disease, The Need for Balance and the Meniere’s Help Reports ten part series self help guides.

Overcoming Meniere's

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Are Your Meniere’s Symptoms From Chiari Malformation?

By Mike Spencer

Founder of Menieres-Help.Com. Researcher and author of Managing Meniere’s Disease – How to Live Symptom Free, The Need for Balance – Dealing with the Causes of Meniere’s and The Meniere’s Help Reports Ten Part Series

Meniere’s Disease or Chiari malformation?

In my books I cover at length the idiopathic nature of MD and the fact that ‘Meniere’s’ is simply a label for a set of Meniere's Disease or Chiria malformationsymptoms, the root cause of which can vary from person to person. Identifying the root cause or causes in your individual case and correcting or eliminating these from your life can free you from Meniere’s completely.

I recently received an email from the husband of a long term Meniere’s sufferer looking for answers. His wife had recently had a drop attack and ended up in hospital where she was diagnosed with ‘Type 1 Chiari Malformation’.

In a four year study of 364 Chiari patients (http://asap.org/index.php/medical-articles/four-year-study-of-chiari-i-malformation/) it was found that 74% patients had “Meniere’s like syndrome “: dizziness, disequilibrium pressure in ears, tinnitus, decreased hearing, true vertigo and nystagmus.

This would perhaps be of particular interest to Meniere’s sufferers who also suffer from Migraines as Chiari often results in headaches.

Muskuloskeletal imbalances in the back, neck or jaw are commonly found root causes of Meniere’s symptoms. After correction or treatment in most cases symptoms are reduced or eliminated altogether. The reason that in some cases symptoms are not 100% eliminated may be that there is more than one root cause present in addition to long term damage to hearing nerves. As I point out in The Need for Balance and back up with scientific medical data, statistics and the experiences of sufferers, there may be more than one cause in each individual case. So it is important to cover all possibilities and deal with them accordingly.

The connection to Meniere’s and mukuloskeletal imbalances such as in the spine is often dismissed by mainstream medicine however the data proves otherwise. In the four year study of Chiari it was found that, in all 364 patients the most common and reliable finding was compression of the CSF spaces posterior and lateral the cerebellum.

Chiari patients are often not aware of the problem. Meniere’s sufferers are often not aware they have neck or spine issues. When chiropractic manipulation is not successful in reducing Meniere’s symptoms in those aware of neck problems, it may be prudent to get checked for Chiari.

According to Mayo clinic Chiari malformation type I occurs when the section of your skull containing a part of your brain (cerebellum) is too small or is deformed, thus putting pressure on and crowding your brain. The lower part, or tonsils, of the cerebellum are displaced into your upper spinal canal.

Dr. Thomas Milhorat, Professor and Chairman of Neurosurgery University of NY, Brooklyn explains things slightly differently:

“CSF [Cerebrospinal fluid] that is compressed has to go somewhere. In man, under normal conditions, we secrete spinal fluid. We can increase that secretion but we cannot decrease it. It happens at .37 cc every minute of our lives. When we’re upright, sleeping, running, resting. We produce 500 cc a day. It’s formed in the ventricles, circulates down through the 3rd ventricle into the aqueduct of Sylvius, into the 4th ventricle. It exits and then it surrounds all the structures of the nervous system. There is a watery bath between brain, spinal cord, cerebellum and the inner table of the skull. In Chiari patients there is reduced volume. Where does it go? Some of it is distributed up into the head, squeezed up and some is squeezed down and this may very well contribute to the formation of SM in some patients. We believe this displacement of spinal fluid into the cranial cavity may be a suitable explanation for the typical Chiari Symptoms. Distribution of CSF out of the posterior fossa into the semi-circular canals can produce in some a sea-sickness syndrome- dizziness, disequilibrium, pressure in the ears, tinnitus, and so forth. It appears to all begin with a too small posterior fossa that compresses the spinal fluid at the back of the head.

Direct bony pressure can also produce complaints. If the compression of the skull is too great, if the retroflexed odontoid (basilar impression) is too great you can have direct compression of cranial nerves or even brainstem. That can produce problems with swallowing, sleep apnea, hoarseness, tremors, and palpitations. Symptoms of Chiari I appear to be due to two basic phenomena that share in common a small back of the skull, a bony dysplagia of the base of the skull and cervical-medullary junction. These are increase of CSF pressure both in the head and in the spinal canal and direct compression of nervous structures. It is not a malformation of the brain itself.”

You can take three things from this article. One, that Chiari should be on your list of possible root causes to investigate. Two, musculoskeletal imbalances are a very real possibility for you to consider despite the ignorance and dismissive attitude of some within the ENT community and three, the list of various root cause of Meniere’s are very real and can be dealt with.

Overcoming Meniere's

Help other Meniere’s sufferers. Do you have experience with neck/spine issues and Meniere’s or Ciari? Tell us all about it in the comment boxes below or email meniereshelp@gmail.com

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How to Overcome Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s Disease has several possible root causes, many triggers and contributing factors. Find your cause and you have found your cure. This can be done, has been done and is being done all the time.

balanceThe need for Balance is not only true for the ear but everywhere in your body, from micro cellular level to macro musculoskeletal level. When something is out of sync elsewhere inside the body, this can lead to a knock on effect, or domino effect that ultimately can result in inner ear dysfunction.

From the endocrine system, metabolism and thyroid, the gut, blood flow, the back, neck and jaw and importantly the immune system in general. Any one of these, if dysfunctional, out of balance, then this can lead to the symptoms of Meniere’s. Balance in your lifestyle and diet is also important. Poor diet can lead to many dysfunctions and disorders, while stress can manifest poor health in many different ways.

When you have Meniere’s disease, you lose balance in equilibrium but this loss of balance can be a result of imbalances elsewhere within your body and life. Learn how to bring your body and lifestyle back into balance, total homeostasis and you can stop the symptoms of Meniere’s.

Watch the video below for more.

Overcoming Meniere's

Causes of Meniere's disease

The Need For Balance
Dealing with the Causes of Meniere’s Disease – Click book image


Help other Meniere’s sufferers. Do you have a success story to tell? Have you reduced, managed or completely freed yourself of Meniere’s symptoms? Tell us all about it in the comments boxes below or email meniereshelp@gmail.com

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Meniere’s disease – The Spine and TMJs

Misalignment in the cervical spine, neck and jaw have all been linked to Meniere’s disease. Many people who have Meniere's Disease & Chiropracticshad chiropractic readjustments and manipulation of the cervical spine have freed themselves of Meniere’s symptoms, notably C1 through C6.

The most commonly found misalignment in the neck is C1 or also known as the Atlas bone. The skull sits on this cup like bone and often in Meniere’s sufferers or sufferers of vertigo, it has slipped out of place. This is usually due to trauma of some kid such as whiplash or sudden jerk like movement.

This can go years without being detected, and years before causing disturbances with equilibrium and the ear.

Treatment for TMJ/TMD has also been successful in stopping Meniere’s in some people. Such testimonials are common in emails to Meniere’s Help. Neither cause is recognized by ENTs and GPs in general but the numbers speak for themselves. When researched, the science also backs this up.

Have you had your neck, back and jaw checked for any irregularities?

Watch the video below for more.


Overcoming Meniere'smeniere's_spine_jawHelp other Meniere’s sufferers. Do have experience with Meniere’s, the spine, neck or jaw? Tell us all about it in the comments boxes below or email meniereshelp@gmail.com

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Menieres disease and food allergies

Food allergies and gut issues have been linked to Meniere’s disease. This is one of several possible causes you can candidacorrect or eliminate in your life. Studies have shown that up to 30% of Meniere’s sufferers have food allergies and/or intolerances. Intolerance to gluten and candida overgrowth are common.

The gut has more neurons than the central nervous system and the bowels are where serotonin is stored. The proliferation of chemicals in foods and the environment that destroy good gut bacteria is having an effect on human health in many ways. Meniere’s disease is one possible result in some people. Watch the video below for more.

Overcoming Meniere's

Meniere's disease, food allergies and the gutHelp other Meniere’s sufferers. Do you have experience with Meniere’s and gut issues, food allergies or intolerances? Tell us all about it using the comments boxes below or email meniereshelp@gmail.com

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Meniere’s Disease – Amalgam and Mercury Toxicity

Mercury leaking from amalgam dental fillings is just one of several possible root causes of Meniere’s Disease Meniere's Disease amalgamsymptoms. When people have removed amalgam from their mouths often they find themselves free of Meniere’s altogether.  This is one of the most common themes among sufferers who have contacted Meniere’s Help over the past 12 years.

Exposure to mercury is a major heath concern and amalgam is not the only way it may get into our bodies, though it is the most common. People who live near coal burning power plants may be at risk and in recent years vaccinations are sometimes laced with mercury, supposedly to cause an immune response.  Considering The World Health Organization states that no amount of Mercury exposure is safe, this is a concern that should be taken very seriously.

Do you have amalgam in your mouth? Have you considered having it removed. Watch the video below for more.

Overcoming Meniere'sMeniere's disease - Amalgam and Mercury

Help other Meniere’s sufferers. Do you have any experience with Meniere’s disease and amalgam or mercury? Tell us all about it in the comments boxes below or email meniereshelp@gmail.com

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