Meniere's Disease Triggers & Causes

The Need for Balance – Dealing with the Causes of Meniere’s

The essential sequel to Managing Meniere’s Disease – How to Live Symptom Free.

The Need for Balance – Dealing with the Causes of Meniere’s

This is an in depth explanation of the various causes of Meniere’s symptoms and what you can do about them.

This 300+ page book goes into great detail why each cause can ultimately lead to the symptoms of Meniere’s disease and more importantly how you can eliminate both causes and symptoms from your life.

Everything is backed by medical studies, real data and most importantly the successful experiences of Meniere’s sufferers who have freed themselves of this condition completely.

After the success of Managing Meniere’s Disease [click here to read what people are saying about managing Meniere’s] the follow up book takes it to the next level and leaves very little, if anything untouched. From cellular level through to musculoskeletal level every aspect is covered.

It was written with one simple aim. To free you the sufferer of Meniere’s disease. Something that not only can be done, but has been done by countless others and is being done all the time.

Over 7 years of research and 3 years to write, this book is an in depth definitive explanation of common causes and guide to find your own individual solution to the horrendous symptoms labeled “Meniere’s disease”.

Karin Henderson from Menieres-Disease.Com and Menieres-Disease.Ca has this to say about The Need for Balance:

The Need for Balance: Dealing with the Causes of Meniere’s Disease

Have you ever gone to your family physician with a dizziness or vertigo
problem and been sent from one doctor to another, one test to another, and
then only to be told there is no cure? There is nothing to be done? That you
have to live with this unpredictable set of balance symptoms? Sadly, you and millions of others have had the same experience.

At last here is a way out of all of that.   

I commend Mike Spencer for having created a very comprehensive, easy to
read, and easy to understand resource for any Meniere’s disease sufferer.
This book outlines so much science that doctors either do not know or chose not to share.

Frankly, I think it should be required reading for every Primary Care
Physician (PCP), ENT, and Audiologist world-wide. They would quickly change their protocols to provide a more positive, hopeful, and healthier
environment for everyone. No longer would you be told to live with this
condition, that there is no cure. That is wrong and you deserve better

However, we know from years of trying to change their outlook, that the
medical community as a whole, will probably not consider anything other than their own perspective.

Luckily for you, in The Need for Balance, Mike has presented the results of
many medical research studies that show the physiological reasons of your
symptoms. You even get to read about the actual tests and their results.

Backed by medical study results, you can now feel confident relying on this
information that you may not have had access to before.

If you have ever wondered why you get dizzy, or why you are told to do
things or told not to do certain things, here is knowledge many doctors
could not give you.

Hasn’t that been very frustrating?

This objective scientific advice allows you to relax your concerns and get
those frustrating (tormenting) questions answered.

And don’t you love reading other people’s experiences? I do. Reading these
interesting testimonials and comments paints a very clear and possible
picture of a happier future. It’s so good to know you are not the only one
having these problems and not getting trustworthy information.

Mike’s personal experiences are shared throughout the book. You quickly
recognize he knows what it’s like to live with, and then without, balance
symptoms. It’s so helpful to read “before” and “after” examples. These are
so insightful, so encouraging, so hopeful!

The best part is to know that there is something now you can do to help

How to read the book to extract the most helpful ideas for your own

We know no one has the exact same experiences: similar, yes. So, for now,
look after yourself…only.

I suggest you read it through once all the way just to get a feel for the
valuable information that is now at your fingertips.

Print it out if possible. It’s far more relaxing to read it this way. Punch
holes into it and put it into a binder. I know it’s 300+ pages but consider
it a valuable resource to be looked at over and over. This information is
too valuable to stash away on a shelf.

Mike presents a clear trustworthy picture with many resources. As you read, make notes. (I love it when I get a book with page numbers included!) Then go back for a second reading. Can you also see that the table of contents is linked? That makes it so much easier to retrieve relevant information

I want you to learn how to look after yourself and your balance symptoms.
Here, Mike has provided you with a very practical way to help yourself.

My own goal for you, the Meniere’s sufferer, has been to show that you do
NOT have to live like this. Mike provides you very clear information of what changes to make, why you may want to make them, and how to move safely and confidently into health and wellness.  With all this scientific background information, it’s possible to tie it all together.

Order the book and get back to health. It is so possible!


In Health: with Hope”

Below are a few comments from other recipients:

“Sorry for the late reply, but I could not stop reading your new book! It is so informative! Thank you for your time, for your interest, for gathering all this information, for helping so many!”


“Thanks so much for taking time to share your thoughts.  I really, really appreciate it!  I’ve already read both books – they’re awesome!  I especially found The Need For Balance interesting and useful as I look into possible underlying causes.  Great research, easy to understand….loved it.”


“I find your new book very explanatory, well arranged and straightforward.  A lot of information with proven documentation from doctors and sufferers’ statements. Have been taking notes while reading and I go back to reread again and again. Thank you!!!”


“Keep up the good work my Friend.  You speak the truth which is rare, but extremely helpful!”


“I am currently sitting in the South of France (no stress) having read your latest book (thank you) and am totally motivated again to start focusing when I get home. You are a very dedicated individual.”


“Thanks so much for sending out your new book.  I have already read through a great deal of it and what a wonderful resource it is.  I want to thank you again for all that you do for all of us that struggle with this frustrating disease.”


If you have been told there is no known cause of Meniere’s and no known cure, you will soon learn otherwise in this book.

The Need for Balance – Dealing with the Causes of Meniere’s is downloadable immediately

You will learn just why doctors cannot state a ‘definitive’ cause or ‘definitive’ cure but more importantly you will learn why and how you can find your own root cause and deal with it.

Digital version vs hard copy

Having the digital means you will automatically receive all updates and new versions for free*. You will also have access to constant, prompt email support on your journey back to health.

* The latest updated 2020 version will be sent out to all those who already have the digital version in the coming weeks.

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Meniere's Disease Success Stories General Information on Meniere's Disease / Syndrome

Beating Meniere’s Disease

Beating Meniere’s Disease

You do not have to live with Meniere’s Disease – New Testimonial

It is true that you can suppress your Meniere’s symptoms with dietary changes, quality supplements and lifestyle changes. However, you can eliminate your root cause and live completely free of Meniere’s, period!

Either way beating Meniere’s disease is very possible. Never let anyone tell you, “There is nothing more to be done, learn to live with it.”  This kind of outdated dogma is still being pushed on sufferers unfortunately. While the focus is on treating, rather than looking for root causes or strengthening the immune system things will not change anytime soon.

Paul left this comment on an old video on youtube :

Shared publicly – Dec 26, 2013 “Meniere’s Disease. How some people are beating it“(The video is actually old (from 2006 – the comment is from December 2013) and somewhat out of date in that although it is still relevant, we have come a very long way since it was recorded.

In the years since we have proven that not only can you suppress the symptoms with dietary considerations, you can through a process of elimination find and eliminate your own particular root cause, or causes. (there may be more than one to take into consideration) We are all different so what is true for one may not be relevant for another. )

P Ott commented on a video on YouTube.

“Thank you so much. I was spinning for weeks and I am now normal again. I went to your website and after finding the supplements you suggested I took them for two days before almost all my symptoms went away. Thank you. Just a note I had a very hard time reading through the site because I couldn’t read for more than 5 mins or so due to dizziness. Maybe just put a tab that says THE CURE with the list of supplements.
By the way I have been to many doctors and ENT specialist and they have no clue that this works. Without people like you I would still be suffering. You totally rock. I think what you are doing very very important and you helped me get my life back.”
Thank you Paul

This was my response:

“Thank you for the kind words Paul. Great news that you recovered so quickly. It varies from person to person so you were lucky in that it happened so fast. This video is rather old.

Thank you for the advice about the site. We don’t like to use the word “cure” for a few reasons. It sounds sensationalist and scares people away and if the truth be told we don’t see this a a cure, for two reasons: Meniere’s is not a “disease” to cure; it is an idiopathic set of symptoms and more importantly the supplements we use support our body’s own immune system enough for it to deal with the inflammation in the ear by itself.

Our website is in the process of being brought up to date and will be uploaded soon because although we still stand by the fact the supplements we use keep you symptom free, many people can’t afford them or access them in some countries.

We have been supporting sufferers for over 10 years and have studied and researched underlying causes for over 5 years and can now say categorically that nobody has to live with this condition. We can all find our cause.

Anybody reading this that wants help, please contact us at or contact us through the blog ( or website (”

To learn more about the supplements Paul is referring to CLICK HERE

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If quality supplementation is beyond your budget, or rather than suppressing your symptoms you want to take it to next level, click the link below and learn how to eliminate Meniere’s from your life, supplements or not….

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