New Treatment for Meniere’s disease

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New Treatment for Meniere’s disease

New Treatment for Meniere’s disease:

Possible New Answer to Dizziness and Balance in Meniere’s Disease

Vestibular Prosthesis To Help Restore Balance For Those With Meniere’s Disease

On June 18th 2013 Medical News Today published a press release about a new proposed treatment to restore balance in sufferers of Meniere’s Disease.


overcome Meniere's disease


New Treatment for Meniere's disease. Vestibular prosthesis for balanceA doctor Christopher Phillips  and his colleagues from the University of Washington in Seattle, are developing and testing a new vestibular prosthesis which delivers electrical stimulation to the fluid inside the semi-circular canals of the ear. In effect, the stimulation of the fluid makes the brain believe that the body is moving or swaying in a certain direction. This then causes a compensatory postural reflex to stabilize the posture thereby helping to restore balance.

In results so far, the conclusion is:

Overall the results illustrate that this type of prosthesis may eventually be a possible treatment for balance issues caused by Meniere’sTreatment for Meniere's diease disease. However, there are a large number of matters which would need resolving before it is ready for use. The lack of consistency in direction and magnitude of sway response would require further study to ensure that any prosthesis developed could give reliable results for different individuals.

You can read the whole article here

Our view is that although this is not a cure or dealing with the original cause of Meniere’ Disease we hope it may be a significant breakthrough in “treatments” for the symptoms of vertigo and dizziness.

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