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Money Made Available For Meniere’s Disease Treatment Tests

San Diego-based Otonomy, which is developing treatments for Meniere’s disease, said today that it has raised $10M in a Series A financing round. The round came from Avalon Ventures. According to Otonomy, the funding will go towards supporting the ongoing clinical trial for its compound, to initiate IND studies for a second compound, and early-stage development of a third program. Otonomy is headed by Jay Lichter, who is also a managing director at Avalon Ventures. Otonomy’s first product is a sustained release formulation of steroid dexamethasone.

Menieres Help Comment:

In the 12 years of support work and 7 years of research and study into triggers and causes of Menieres it has become obvious that money is often found to fund research into “treatments” (ie. drugs/vaccines/surgical options) but never to actually find the root cause and therefore a definitive cure. That said, we now know enough that you can find your own root cause(s) and take action yourself to rid yourself of Meniere’s, period!


By Mike

I am the founder of Meniere's disease help and the website Menieres-Help.Com in addition to being the researcher and writer of Managing Meniere's disease and The Need for Balance.
I have a 25 year association with Meniere's, as a sufferer for 7 years and spending most of the years since supporting others with this condition and researching and writing about solutions to it. Feel free to email me at:

2 replies on “Money Made Available For Meniere’s Disease Treatment Tests”

Mike: thanks to your web side I went to HEI of Los Angeles, for the DNA test and also I registered for the clinical trial OTO-104.
I didn’t qualified for the trial since my condition is apparently bilateral and they trial is only done for unilateral. Do you have any source of info for bilateral Meniere’s? If you don’t know right now, keep me in mind in case in the future some study appears for bilateral.

Sorry Jorge, we hav eno info on trials for bilateral Meniere’s tests at the moment but yes we will keep it in mind and of cours, like any new Meniere’s disease info we come across we will post it on this blog.

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