Do Supplements help Meniere’s?

This post was written by Mike on October 20, 2011
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Do supplements help reduce the symptoms of Meniere’s?

Do supplements help Meniere’s? Read this case study below to see how supplements helped Malcom.

Malcolm, a high profile business leadership adviser from the UK……


I am doing well, feeling better and stronger generally. I am taking my tablets, staying off wine and bitter, if I do drink, I drink a good lager.
I have cut right back on salt, but still indulge in coffee. I feel least good when I am walking for some reason with my head fuzzy and I find it difficult to go in a straight line!

 Mar 28

I have been great for a couple of years now but have had a set back over the last few months.
I was worried about keeping on taking the supplements constantly so given that I felt ok i let things slide
and stopped taking the tablets. Needless to say within a week or so I had bad dizziness and hopeless hearing in my left
ear and I was back on the phone for more supplies and have been back on the pills for four weeks now.
I would say I am still a long way short of where i was before I stopped taking the pills. So, any more ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Malcolm Hewitt

Mike Spencer to Malcolm
show details Apr 4
Hi Malcom,

Good to hear from you. Sorry to hear you have had a setback……at least you know that the supplements can help you so you have that safety net……unlike many people who feel they have no hope with Menieres.

In addition the the supplements of course we always believe that taking great care with your diet, alcohol, lifestyle etc. keeping relatively fit and active and absolutely no smoking………if you would like some help with this just let me know.

How is your business??………are you managing ok with it?

Take Care and mail me anytime you like


Malcolm to me
show details Apr 23
Thanks Mike. The vertigo has go much better over the last few days.
Also being fitted with a hearing aid too 50% hearing loss now in my left ear.
Apart from that I am as fit as flea!

All the best,


Doing well thanks Michael. Had all my mercury fillings removed. Still taking what I would call a maintenance dose of the supplements and feeling great.


supplementation may help reduce the symtoms of Meniere's

Do supplements help Meniere’s – what do you think?

Help other sufferers. What is your experience with Meniere’s disease and supplements? Did supplements help your reduce your symptoms?

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