The Need for Balance

Identify and deal with your root cause

The Need for Balance – Dealing with the Causes of Meniere’s Disease is the essential sequel to Managing Meniere’s Disease – How to Live Symptom Free.

The popular resource ‘Managing Meniere’s‘ introduces the various root causes but focuses mainly on identifying triggers and controlling your symptoms and for over three years that is exactly what readers have been doing with great success (read what readers say here).
The Need for Balance is a much deeper look at root causes and what you can do about them in your own individual case. Everything is backed up by medical and scientific studies, data and statistics but most importantly, the experiences of real Meniere’s sufferers.
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You learn how the following can manifest Meniere’s symptoms and most importantly how you can correct imbalances, fix dysfunctions and eliminate causes from your life. You may not even know they are an issue!
  1. The importance of diet
  2. Food allergies and gut issues
  3. Metabolism, thyroid, endocrine/ The hormone system
  4. Amalgam and Mercury toxicity
  5. Airborne allergies and mold
  6. Muskuloskeletal imbalances
  7. Viral and Bacterial possibilies
  8. Immune system: T-Cells and autoimmunity
  9. Stress
  10. Triggers

Causes of Meniere's disease

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Mike Spencer. Founder of Menieres-Help.Com, supporting sufferers since 2004. Researcher and author of Managing Meniere’s Disease and The Need for Balance

Mike Spencer Managing Meniere's Disease & The Need for Balance