Meniere’s Disease or Vestibular Migraine ?

Do you have Meniere’s Disease or Vestibular Migraine ? What is the difference and what can you do about it.

Can I Get Disability for Vestibular Balance Problems or Meniere’s Disease?

Detailed information on disability benefits for Meniere’s disease patients in the US

Social Security For Meniere’s Disease in The USA

UPDATE 2017- LEARN HOW TO OVERCOME MENIERE’S COMPLETELY – CLICK HERE TO START NOW Many people want to know, can they claim Social Security if they have Meniere’s Disease. It is not a problem in the UK because we have the national Health System. But many people say they have difficulty claiming it in the […]

Can Acupuncture Help With Meniere’s Disease?

Acupuncture for relief from Meniere’s disease symptoms There are other posts on this blog regarding Acupuncture, but recently found this journal on the subject. I personally used acupuncture with mixed results, and in my humble opinion it depends on the practitioner. I tried several, most of whom didn’t help but two were excellent. They helped […]