German “Orthokine” therapy. A New Avenue for Relief From Meniere’s?

A look at new stem cell treatment for Meniere’s disease to renew balance and hearing nerves. A cure or relief? Finding your original cause for your Meniere’s symptoms.


Meniere’s research posts

High School Boy’s research may have helped find cause for Meniere’s Disease

It took a 17 year old High School boy in L.A. to come up with the discovery of the presence of cochlin (a protein unique to the inner ear) in vestibular endorgans obtained at surgery from patients diagnosed with Meniere’s disease

Autoimmunity connections to Meniere’s disease

There is plenty of evidence that Meniere’s disease at least for some people is connected with autoimmunity. Here is an extract from The US National Library of Medicine: Autoimmunity connections to Meniere’s disease Tomoda K. 1993 “In order to clarify whether autoimmune mechanisms form part of the etiopathogenesis of Meniere’s disease, sera and endolymphatic […]

Can Acupuncture Help With Meniere’s Disease?

Acupuncture for relief from Meniere’s disease symptoms There are other posts on this blog regarding Acupuncture, but recently found this journal on the subject. I personally used acupuncture with mixed results, and in my humble opinion it depends on the practitioner. I tried several, most of whom didn’t help but two were excellent. They helped […]