Meniere’s sufferer ‘Feels Cured’

Ana from Mexico emailed Meniere’s Help this week to tell us she thinks she is ‘cured’.

Meniere’s disease – The Spine and TMJs

Misalignment in the cervical spine, neck and jaw have all been linked to Meniere’s disease. Many people who have had chiropractic readjustments and manipulation of the cervical spine have freed themselves of Meniere’s symptoms, notably C1 through C6.

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How Chiropractic Rehabilitation May Help Your Meniere’s

Chiropractics for Meniere’s disease You can find several posts on this blog regarding Chiropractics, and how it may help your Meniere’s symptoms. Below is a link to a detailed report on this topic. It may be worth visiting a reputable cervical certified Chiropractor and have them check your spine and neck, to see if your […]