New Drug for Meniere’s? Clinical trials starting soon.

This post was written by Mike on February 24, 2016
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According to a press release from Sound Pharmaceuticals (SPI) on January 5th 2016, new trials are set to begin to test the drug SPI-1005 for Meniere’s Disease.

SPI-1005 is an investigational drug that contains an orally available small molecule that mimics and induces Glutathione Peroxidase (GPx) activity. GPx1 activity is diminished after ototoxic insults that cause sensorineural hearing loss and tinnitus. In pre-clinical studies, SPI-1005 has been shown to prevent and treat different types of hearing loss that involve auditory hair cells and neurons. In a recent Phase 2 clinical study, SPI-1005 was shown to prevent sensorineural hearing loss due to noise.

“Based on the anti-inflammatory activity of SPI-1005, we hope that it will be of benefit in Meniere’s disease,” said Jonathan Kil, MD, CEO.

It is interesting that the focus of this study is based on the “anti-inflammatory” properties of this drug. We at Menieres-Help.Com and others around the world have been focused on dealing with the inflammation within the ear for over 12 years.

To understand why inflammation is so important to Meniere’s sufferers click here.

The difference is we concentrate on allowing the body to deal with the inflammation naturally by making sure the immune system is healthy and strong enough to do so. A healthy organic wholefood diet supported by quality nutritional supplements has been successful in allowing sufferers to live symptom free for well over a decade.
In addition, this method results in general health being much better and there are no possibilities of any side effects from synthetic drugs occurring over time.

Moreover, and more importantly our approach has been to identify and deal with the root cause(s) of the inflammation causing the symptoms and to eliminate that cause from our life, therefore ridding us of Meniere’s for good. Learn more about this by clicking here.

Any trials that may benefit Meniere’s sufferers is always welcome but as always it seems the focus is to “treat” the symptoms rather than find the cure by identifying the root cause. This is the plight plaguing the medical world and therefore patients in a corporate profit driven society. Find the root cause and eliminate it and it is game over but by treating conditions with drugs the big corporate pharmaceutical drug manufacturers get recurring income from millions of prescriptions that can be continued for decades if not the rest of a patient’s life depending on the condition.

Quite simply and to be brutally honest, there is no money in finding cures even though cures for many conditions are available, almost all of which are natural and drive from common sense, understanding how the body works and the importance of what we eat and do not eat, our environment, metabolism and internal organ health and muscular skeletal condition.

overcome Meniere's disease

Read more on the clinical trials here.


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