Meniere’s Disease “Triggers”

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Meniere’s Disease Triggers

You can see the full transcript below this video that touches briefly on Meniere’s Disease Triggers. For a comprehensive list and article on triggers please click here.

The video below is old (from 2007).  An awful lot has changed since then. We didn’t know as much as we do now about how to deal with this condition, just how to suppress the symptoms. To learn how to eliminate Meniere’s from your life completely click the ‘update’ link below….


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Hi I’m Mike, You may have seen my other two videos that are out there on the internet, on You-tube and a few other places on the internet. And in those videos basically I just explain that, Ive lived with Meniere’s for about 13 odd years now, and uh, I managed to rid myself of the symptoms, and I’ve been symptom free for the last 7 years I think it is now, through taking very high quality nutritional supplements.

I hadn’t intended on making another video but 1 or 2 things have come up. Basically on the website, which you can see probably down here…..on there, there is a page called “triggers” and obviously that is about all the triggers that affect us people with Meniere’s. (see page here)

….and the thing about triggers, is, I think, certainly I didn’t take them very seriously, or not seriously enough when I was very sick with Meniere’s and it seems that quite a few people who we advise about these triggers don’t really take it seriously enough either. One of the reasons for that is …..I think, you know, changing something in your diet, or your lifestyle, or whatever…it’s not going to give you results overnight……and it takes time basically.

….People kind of might change their diet for a week or so and don’t see any change, and think, well that’s not working…what’s the point…I like my chocolate I’ll just eat know things like that (that’s not to say chocolate is a definate trigger for you)..

….so basically this is just to draw attention to a few triggers and just to explain, yeah, it does take time. It’s up to you to try and find your own particular triggers, because basically we are all different and some people are affected by some triggers and others are not basically…so I’ll just give you a quick breakdown of what’s on that page on that site and you can go and visit that site and uh, just click on the link to “triggers and what to do about them” and that will give you a lot more information than what is on this video.

…Okay, so basically, the first thing: Diet…There are quite a few things that ‘may’, not definitely, but may affect you. So you know every doctor or virtually every doctor will tell you that salt is the main problem for us, because the sodium in the salt, you know retains fluid in the body, so cutting your salt intake down to a sensible level is the first thing every person with Meniere’s should do
But not only that, there are things like if you have too much caffeine, if you have a diet full of saturated fats, if you drink alcohol, all of these things can have an affect on us. You know basically, if you can either cut those things out of your diet or limit them to sensible levels, I mean obviously it’s common sense with a lot of it, you know for just staying healthy generally. But you know, more so for us, people with Meniere’s. If you can keep to a healthy diet, you know, full of fresh vegetables and fruits, and cut out saturated fats high foods (foods high in saturated fats), salty foods like processed foods, junk food, you know in the long run it’s going to help you, in most cases.

….okay, like I say, certain things affect some people and certain things don’t affect people. Personally alcohol was a huge trigger for me, but I’ve had emails from people, where they say it’s never bothered them, ever. You know it’s up to you to find out if it does affect you……by the way I think most people are affected by alcohol.

Okay there are other things like lifestyle and environment. So in your lifestyle, obviously if you are overworked, you’re stressed, if you’re not getting enough sleep, you know all these things contribute to the problems we have. So you need to get decent sleep. For your work and your stress….you know obviously there are certain things you can do about that and other times it’s not always possible to cut that out. But if you cut the other things out, in your life like your diet and your environment, you’re giving yourself a better chance….
…okay in your environment, your own environment, you could be talking about mold, or allergens in the air, chemicals in the work place, or in the household…these can all, ‘possibly’ have an affect on you…

….and another thing is, if you’ve had dental work, or if you have amalgam fillings. There seems to be a lot of people, for me not personally, but there are a lot of people that have been affected by this..and they have found that that is their main trigger, and they’ve done something about it.

Another thing is the weather, because heavy weather, you know low barometric pressure…I think that’s the right word…low barometric…any way if there is low air pressure…that’s increasing the pressure in your ear. So again there is nothing you can do about that but if you cut out all the other triggers, you know like the salt, the things in your diet and if you cut out the things in your lifestyle, then perhaps the heavy weather is not going to affect you “as” much..

… basically yes, go to website down here….and look at triggers. Have a good look and try and figure out what affects you and do something about it basically. And if you want help with that you can contact us ( and someone will get back to you and help you out there with advice.
….okay one other thing….in the other two videos I’m talking about high quality supplements helping us get rid of our Meniere’s basically….or the Meniere’s Disease symptoms I should say, it’s not a cure. But you know, we live symptom free. (see details on supplements here)

A fair amount of people I think, they see that video and they just rush out to the local store and buy, maybe not the cheapest, but they certainly don’t worry about the quality of what they are buying…you know they go out and buy supplements…and a lot of supplements are not very good quality..and what it says on the bottle might not be what is in there…You know in that case they are buying these cheaper low quality brands and basically they are not getting any results, then they probably think, well that’s a load of nonsense, and they are missing out. So just one thing about that, look on the site, look what we use, you know, okay, of course I think you should use what we use, because we know it works. But you know if you don’t use what we use, because it is expensive, and it is expensive by the way, if you don’t use that, make sure you find the equivalent, you know I mean as close as you can and certainly the best quality you can get hold of. Because otherwise you’re kind of wasting your money, and kind of wasting your time I guess. So yep, that’s the two things that came up recently…so go to and best of luck…

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Reader Comments

Is there any info on menieres and barometric pressure? The ringing in my ears gets worse in late spring and vertigo only acts up in the late spring early summer

Written By Mike S. on June 29th, 2017 @ 1:27 am

Hi Mike,

Barometric pressure increasing Meniere’s symptoms is very common and very real. You cannot do anything about the weather but you can avoid all other triggers during such times to give you the best chance of avoiding the inevitable extra pressure causing too much trouble. Be extra vigilant during these times regarding what you eat/drink and do not eat/drink.

Written By Mike on June 29th, 2017 @ 5:24 am

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