Meniere’s Disease Case Studies with Chinese Medicine

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Chinese medicine for Meniere’s disease


Chinese medicine tackles Meniere’s disease from a very different angle to Western Medicine. In the west we treat the symptoms while in Chinese medicine they look for the cause and try to tackle that…here is a summary of a case study with Meniere’s disease. Click the link at the bottom and you can read in more detail as well as a second case study.

Hu Xi-Shu (???): Two cases of Meniere’s disease
Case #1

A 25 year old female Q?ng Huá University student presented at the clinic on October 16, 1965: For the last four to five months she has been experiencing dizzy head and vision, accompanied with nausea, flusteredness, inability to eat, and difficulty reading. A western medical doctor diagnosed her condition as Meniere’s disease, and administered medications which were ineffective. Her blood pressure was normal, she had a dry mouth with no desire to drink, a desire to sleep, a lack of strength, but with no problems moving, and her cycle had arrived late but was slightly scanty. She had a white tongue coat with a slippery root, and her pulse was deep, thin and wiry.

This is a pattern of blood vacuity with water exuberance. She was administered D?ng Gu? Sháo Yào S?n combined with Xi?o Bàn Xià T?ng and Wú Zh? Yú.

Results: After taking three packages of the formula, her symptoms resolved completely.

Commentary: In this case the blood vacuity was pretty obvious which is why D?ng Gu? Sháo Yào S?n was administered. This was coupled with yang vacuity of the stomach with counterflow of thin mucus, so Xi?o Bàn Xià T?ng and Wú Zh? Yú were used in combination.

Menieres Help Comment: Very crudely put, Chinese medicine works from a position that most ailments come from a problem within the internal organs and works to correct that problem, therefore believing it is tackling the problem at root cause. There is a lot of validity to this assumption in most cases. Whether it is successful or not the basic desire to tackle the problem at root cause is the correct way and sadly lacking in drug based western medicine, where only the symptoms are “treated” and the cause left untouched. This main focus of Menieres-Help.Com has long been to tackle the root cause(s) of Meniere’s symptoms.

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