Meniere’s Disease and Neurocranial Restructuring

This post was written by Mike on September 29, 2009
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Neurocranial restructuring for Meniere’s disease and vertigo

We occasionally  hear from people who have a difficult time getting completely over the symptoms of Meniere’s Disease, even while on the supplements used with such success. One or two of them have combined the supplements with Neurocranial Restructuring from a Chiropractor of some sort or another. We had one gentleman this week who combined the two and was so happy that he requested that we put a video or some info on the website, “even if helps just one person” to quote him.

Here is an excellent video about a unique Neurocranial Restructuring (NCR) method. You may find it worth investigating, especially if you have sinus trouble or persistent slight tinnitus that won’t go away despite living otherwise free of all the other symptoms because you use the supplements we talk about so much on this blog and the main website Menieres-Help.Com .

While it is true many people are living symptom free from strengthening their immune system with the supplements and this allows our own immune system to take care of the inflammation causing the build of fluid in the inner ear. It is neither a cure or a treatment. If you have Meniere’s as a result of skeletal muscular problems in the back and neck area etc then NCR (seen in this video) may actually tackle your root cause.

Around the 6 minute mark there is a patient who had Meniere’s Disease and Vertigo. In this video it mentions TMJ, Migraines, Neck pain, Sinuses, Whiplash, Fibromalgia, Back pain, Tinnitus, Fatigue, Dizziness, and Core posture. All of these have been are often claimed to have a correlation with “Meniere’s Disease” from different sources.


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Reader Comments

I have a simple comment. I had NCR for a different problem, repairing a head injury for which it was truly amazing and miraculous. Ironically, a friend who had seen me before and after and was a very distinguished Physical THerapist in Alaska, took note of how i descibed my vision improvements. She recognized the same blurry vision symptom in a patient way out in alaska. A Meniere’s Disease patient. This patient had the procedure, and as she described it, “Called me from a glass elevator outside of a skyscraper to tell me”. I guess that isn’t something most people with Meniere’s would do. I dont’ know, but ran across this post in researching new ncr links and felt you might like my story of how telling one person helped another.

Written By Harvey Myers on April 3rd, 2011 @ 6:42 pm

Who was the Dr. In Alaska?? I live here and am looking for a Dr. Who has NCR knowledge…. I too suffer from Meniere’s and am looking for a different treatment plan than the one I’m on. It’s not helping.

Written By Corinne on December 14th, 2012 @ 7:00 am

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