Vestibular Prosthesis To Help Restore Balance For Those With Meniere’s Disease

Possible New Answer to Dizziness and Balance in Meniere’s Disease On June 18th 2013 Medical News Today published a press release about a new proposed treatment to restore balance in sufferers of Meniere’s Disease. Update 2017: Learn How To Overcome Meniere’s Completely – Click Here to Start Now   A doctor Christopher Phillips  and his colleagues from […]

Ultra Marathon Run Down Under For Meniere’s Disease Awareness

Lachlan Cameron from Wangaratta is running a 1500km ultra-marathon to raise Meniere’s awareness. We found this article in the Herald Sun Adelaide.  We wish Lachlan all the best……you can follow his run on his facebook page and give him a like by clicking on his link at the bottom of the page. Click Here To […]

Can Chinese Medicine Help Alleviate Meniere’s Disease symptoms?

Our perspective on Chinese Medicine and how it might or might nor help alleviate the suffering of Meniere’s Disease patients. We talk about a new herbal product called “Meniere’s Stop”