Can I Get Disability for Vestibular Balance Problems or Meniere’s Disease?

I have posted before on disability benefits and meniere’s disease in the US. But here is some more detailed information regarding getting disability benefit for Meniere’s Disease. Strange, on a disability lawyer’s website they actual describe Meniere’s better than a lot of ‘medical’ websites…… …” The most common vestibular balance disorder is Ménière’s disease. The […]

Meniere’s Disease: Nutritionist’s Tips for Managing Sodium Intake at Mealtime

If you think salt isn’t a problem if you have Meniere’s disease or if you are struggling to manage your salt (sodium ) intake to help reduce your Meniere’s Disease symptoms, here is an article with some good advice and a slightly shocking (in terms of the amount we are all consuming – for everyone) […]

High School Boy’s research may have helped find cause for Meniere’s Disease

There is very little research ongoing for Meniere’s Disease that we hear of. But with the Gene research in the US and The Sydney research center in Australia and now this, things seem to be moving finally…. It took a 17 year old High School boy in L.A. to come up with the discovery of […]