Supplementation, Diet Changes & Chiropractics to beat Meniere’s Disease

This lady combined supplementation and diet changes for a yeast overgrowth with Chiropractics to free herself of Meniere’s symptoms Hi Michael, Sorry for the delay in replying to you. I am doing much better these days. I was taking the supplements for over 4 months without any improvement and not being able to pinpoint any […]

New Case Study – Meniere’s Disease & Nutritional Supplements

Malcolm, a high profile business leadership adviser from the UK…… Malcolm Hewitt to me show details 9/19/09 Hi Mike, I am doing well, feeling better and stronger generally. I am taking my tablets, staying off wine and bitter, if I do drink, I drink a good lager. I have cut right back on salt, but […]

Two more people with Successful Meneiere’s Disease stories

Jude to me show details Aug 31 Thank you, I have been very well for a year and a half now with thankfully no recurrence. Sincerely, Jude …………………………………………….. Hi mike, I am doing a lot better obviously I have good days and bad days but they are mostly good. I am also taking betahistine tablets […]

Another Person Free of Meniere’s Disease Symptoms

Hi Michael, Now into my fourth month of taking the supplements. Feeling great. Lots of energy, no dizzy spells and a clear head. Still have the tinnitus and poor hearing in my right ear but these are very definitely at livable levels. Am also finding that I don’t need to be quite so careful with […]

Meniere’s Disease and Supplements – New Testimonial

Hi Mike I’m doing very well Mike, thank you for asking.:) Taking everyday as a gift, the supplements and your encouragements are extremely helpful.:) Hope all is well with you. Sincerely Zuzana All testimonials are used with permission Email us at: or use our contact page UPDATE 2016 – LEARN HOW TO LIVE SYMPTOM […]