Meniere’s – Thyroid and Endocrine System

Up to 38% of Meniere’s disease sufferers have thyroid issues. The endocrine system and metabolism have also linked been linked to Meniere’s. The thyroid is part of the endocrine system and metabolism is is regulated by thyroid. Have you been checked for thyroid dysfunction?

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits with Meniere’s Disease

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits with Meniere’s Disease

Triggers & Causes

POSSIBLE TRIGGERS & CAUSES Update 2017: 4 years on, what are people saying about Managing Meniere’s Disease – How to Live Symptom Free – Click Here to Read All posts connected to possible Meniere’s Disease triggers and original causes are logged here: Last year I did a short telephone interview with Karin Henderson from […]

Supplementation, Diet Changes & Chiropractics to beat Meniere’s Disease

This lady combined supplementation and diet changes for a yeast overgrowth with Chiropractics to free herself of Meniere’s symptoms Hi Michael, Sorry for the delay in replying to you. I am doing much better these days. I was taking the supplements for over 4 months without any improvement and not being able to pinpoint any […]

New Case Study – Meniere’s Disease & Nutritional Supplements

Malcolm, a high profile business leadership adviser from the UK…… Malcolm Hewitt to me show details 9/19/09 Hi Mike, I am doing well, feeling better and stronger generally. I am taking my tablets, staying off wine and bitter, if I do drink, I drink a good lager. I have cut right back on salt, but […]