Meniere’s Disease and Supplements – New Testimonial

Meniere’s sufferer – Symptom free Hi Mike I’m doing very well Mike, thank you for asking.:) Taking everyday as a gift, the supplements and your encouragements are extremely helpful.:) Hope all is well with you. Sincerely Zuzana All testimonials are used with permission Click here to find out more about the supplements Zuzana is referring […]

New Real-Time Case Study..Meniere’s Disease & Nutritional Supplements

Quest to control Meniere’s symptoms Jonas from Belgium has agreed to participate in a case study using nutritional supplements to try and bring his Meniere’s Disease symptoms under control. I asked him because he lives in Belgium and can not get hold of the exact same supplements used in the US, UK and other English […]

Meniere’s Disease and Supplements (Case Study)

Mark contacted me in the late last year regarding the supplements that help so many Meniere’s sufferers and after chatting back and forth in emails he very kindly agreed to be a real-time case study for us on this blog. There has been a delay getting it on here from my part….sorry. So big thanks […]

Another Meniere’s Disease Success Story

18 Months with no Meniere’s Symptoms Hi Mike I haven’t written to you in a while and I just wanted to give you a quick update. I haven’t had a Menieres attack in about a year and a half! Yay! I am so pleased. Thanks for your help. I am passing your email onto someone […]

New Testimonial – Meniere’s Disease – Supplements

Dizziness and vertigo gone using supplements We just received this from Lizzie: Another one to the list of people living free of symptoms 🙂 Hi Michael, Now into my fourth month of taking the supplements. Feeling great. Lots of energy, no dizzy spells and a clear head. Still have the tinnitus and poor hearing in […]