Meniere’s and Anxiety – Sarah’s success story

How Sarah Martin recovered from anxiety disorder, panic attacks and Meniere’s.

Miracle Drug for Vertigo? Or just another steroid?

The Mirror Newspaper reported in November 2015 about the case of an individual named Colin Breeze from the UK who was suffering from Meniere’s Disease. Colin received an experimental series of steroid injections with new a drug called OTO-104.  OTO 104 is a continual-exposure formulation of the steroid dexamethasone. After 3 injections over several months, […]

You do not have to live with Meniere’s Disease – New Testimonial

“Thank you so much. I was spinning for weeks and I am now normal again. I went to your website and after finding the supplements you suggested I took them for two days before almost all my symptoms went away. Thank you. Just a note I had a very hard time reading through the site because I couldn’t read for more than 5 mins or so due to dizziness. Maybe just put a tab that says THE CURE with the list of supplements.
By the way I have been to many doctors and ENT specialist and they have no clue that this works. Without people like you I would still be suffering. You totally rock. I think what you are doing very very important and you helped me get my life back.”
Thank you Paul

New Case Study – Meniere’s Disease & Nutritional Supplements

Malcolm, a high profile business leadership adviser from the UK…… Malcolm Hewitt to me show details 9/19/09 Hi Mike, I am doing well, feeling better and stronger generally. I am taking my tablets, staying off wine and bitter, if I do drink, I drink a good lager. I have cut right back on salt, but […]

Two more people with Successful Meneiere’s Disease stories

Jude to me show details Aug 31 Thank you, I have been very well for a year and a half now with thankfully no recurrence. Sincerely, Jude …………………………………………….. Hi mike, I am doing a lot better obviously I have good days and bad days but they are mostly good. I am also taking betahistine tablets […]