Manganese and Meniere’s Disease

Is there a role for manganese in either the treatment or as a causative factor with Meniere’s Disease?

Can Lipo-Flavonoid Really Help Tinnitus and Meniere’s Symptoms?

Can Lipoflavonoid Really Help Tinnitus and Meniere’s Symptoms?
A review based on studies, the medical science behind flavonoids and users’ experiences.

Candida Albicans & Meniere’s Disease

Are there any possible links of fungal infections, particularly candida albicans to Meniere’s Disease? It would seem so.

Importance of Magnesium to Meniere’s Disease

Links of magnesium to Meniere’s Disease whether it be deficiency or the benefits of supplements.

Food Allergies and Meniere’s Disease

Can Food allergies and in particular gluten intolerance be the cause of you Meniere’s symptoms?