Meniere’s – Airborne Allergies and Mold

Allergies from pollen and other airborne allergens are known triggers for Meniere’s disease and even a possible root cause in some people. Could this be a problem for you? Watch this short video.

Can This Help Stop Your Vertigo Attacks?

Do you suffer from light sensitivity? Do computer screen, florescent light and even the TV trigger vertigo attacks? Wearing these glasses may help prevent attacks.

Pregnancy and Meniere’s Disease

Why do so many women develop Meniere’s Disease during pregnancy and what can be done about it.

Tympanic membrane retraction, not Meniere’s Disease

Tympanic membrane or ear drum retraction causes similar symptoms to Meniere’s. Have you been tested for this?

T-Cells Relevance to Meniere’s Disease

-Cells & Meniere’s Disease, root cause or contributing trigger?
How the Thyroid, endocrine system and immune system influences t-cells and results in Meniere’s