Can This Help Stop Your Vertigo Attacks?

This post was written by Mike on September 14, 2016
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Special glasses to stop vertigo attacks?

By Mike Spencer
September 14th 2016

Do you suffer from light sensitivity?

Do computer screens, florescent lights and even the TV trigger vertigo attacks?

With my timeline on Facebook plastered in stories about Hillary Clinton wearing special “blue light” sunglasses to stop seizures, it made me wonder if there were anything like this to help light sensitivity and vertigo? This was something that I suffered terribly from when I was really sick with Meniere’s. I am sure many of you find computer screens and TV etc can spark attacks, so I did a quick search on google to see what I could find.
After sifting through page after page of the Clinton story I came up with a study on pubmed related to epilepsy: and an article in the Daily Mail related to vertigo:–combat-depression.html
I looked on Amazon to see if they sell any and indeed they do.  Prices range from nearly $90 down to around $10.  You can find these on Amazon here. I posted immediately in one the Meniere’s facebook pages I am a member of and the first comment to appear confirmed that these glasses did indeed help stop vertigo attacks:
I use blue light goggles,and they help . I consulted Consumer Reports and they rated the cheap 8$ ones as filtering out the most blue light ( 70% I think ). They are not attractive but I don’t go into a store with fluorescent lighting without them or use any screen without them . . I would recommend them. In an acute attack reading on my tablet triggers an immediate vertigo. Mine were 8$.”
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Help other Meniere’s sufferers. Do you use blue light blocking glasses or goggles? Do they help? Let us know in the comments section below or email Mike at

Reader Comments

I have had severe dizziness on & off (mostly on) since my stroke in February. Tonight my dizziness was SO bad that when my husband offered me his greenhouse glasses (blocks blue light) I tried them. The instant I put them in, my dizziness went away and that stunned me so much that I did a Google search to see if there was info on this. This was the first page I came upon, and because the comments were so few, I figured someone would be glad to know that they really do work… at least for me, in my particular situation. This is not “proof” by any means, but considering the glasses are cheap, what do you have to lose for trying? Anyway, I am thrilled to have a remedy that works, albeit an ugly one! Haha! ?

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