Can I Get Disability for Vestibular Balance Problems or Meniere’s Disease?

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I have posted before on disability benefits and meniere’s disease in the US. But here is some more detailed information regarding getting disability benefit for Meniere’s Disease.

Strange, on a disability lawyer’s website they actual describe Meniere’s better than a lot of ‘medical’ websites……
…” The most common vestibular balance disorder is Ménière’s disease. The symptoms of vestibular balance disorders include vertigo, nausea, vomiting, profound dizziness, disorientation and blurred vision.”

In this article you can find:

Can I Get Disability for My Vestibular Balance Disorder?
What Type of Medical Evidence Do I Need?
What if My Vestibular Balance Disorder Doesn’t Meet the Listing?

Here is a snippet:

Listing 2.07: Disturbance of Labyrinthine-Vestibular Function
The SSA discusses the criteria for automatic approval for vestibular balance disorders (including Ménière’s disease) under Listing 2.07. To meet the criteria for Listing 2.07, you must prove that your labyrinthine-vestibular disorder or Ménière’s disease has caused recurrent problems with your balance, tinnitus, and a gradual decrease in your ability to hear. In addition to these basic requirements, you must provide the SSA with the following:
Results that show abnormal function of your vestibular labyrinth established by examinations such as positional or caloric testing (where cool or warm water or air is placed in the ear), and
A test that demonstrates your hearing loss.
If you can prove that your vestibular hearing disorder meets all of the criteria, your claim will be automatically approved.

Read the full article on Meniere’s and Disability here

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