Can Chinese Medicine Help Alleviate Meniere’s Disease symptoms?

This post was written by Mike on June 10, 2013
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Chinese Medicine for Meniere’s disease

We have occasionally heard from people who have successfully alleviated their Meniere’s Disease symptoms through Chinese Medicine. We recently came across a press release touting a new herbal treatment from Chinese Medicine available in the US:

overcome Meniere's disease

Meniere's Disease & Chinese MedicineWhile it is true we have heard of Chinese medicine helping, these people are very small in number. That has to be balanced of course with the fact we live in the west and not as many people would be inclined to try Chinese Medicine. We have published before on Chinese Medicine and Meniere’s, with some reported data. To get an accurate picture of how much it does help, we would need data from China or other Asian countries where this type of natural herbal medicine is more accepted or the norm within their cultures.

My one problem with this particular product is that in the press release it is touted, and I quote,

Herbal Medicine to Cure Meniere’s Disease, a breakthrough in this field for the past 150 years

Any “product” that claims to “cure” Meniere’s should be immediately viewed with a certain amount of considered skepticism. Meniere’s Disease is not a “Disease” to be cured by any pills or potions. Meniere’s is an idiopathic condition and the symptoms can have many and varied causative factors. Getting to the root of what is causing your symptoms is going to “cure” (for want of a better word) you or rather finding what is causing your symptoms and also triggering attacks, then taking action to remove that cause from your life is going to stop the reaction that is making you feel so ill. There are many possible causes ranging from Muscular skeletal to reactions to chemicals and possible viral and autoimmune problems. They are varied and may different in each of us.

This is not intended to discredit either Chinese Medicine or this new product in anyway, though it has to be said, my only other problem with this product is that the formula is “secret“. It may be that this is a genuinely good product that allows you to live symptom free. We have been using and talking about a set of supplements for years that allow us to live symptom free. They do this by aiding the body’s immune system to work as it should and deal with the inflammation within the inner ear. But we can not claim it is a “cure”, because it isn’t. The Meniere’s Stop press release wording may be an unfortunate use of English, and it may well help relieve the symptoms. We know Ginkgo helps blood flow and in turn aids relief from Meniere’s. We know that Chlorella is packed with nutrients (considered by some as a “super food”) and can help relieve Meniere’s in some. So the notion of herbal medicine helping us should not be ignored.

We look forward to hearing from anyone who has tried “Meniere’s Stop” and your experiences both good and bad. The whole purpose of this site is to give Meniere’s sufferers a more accurate and complete picture of what can help them live free of this condition.

You can view the press release here

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