New Testimonial – Meniere’s Disease – Supplements

Dizziness and vertigo gone using supplements We just received this from Lizzie: Another one to the list of people living free of symptoms 🙂 Hi Michael, Now into my fourth month of taking the supplements. Feeling great. Lots of energy, no dizzy spells and a clear head. Still have the tinnitus and poor hearing in […]

Meniere’s Laboratory in Sydney Paves The Way for Research

Aussie bids to crack middle ear disease Update 2017: LEARN HOW TO OVERCOME MENIERE’S COMPLETELY – CLICK HERE TO START NOW It’s time to pull the mysterious “dizzy terror” which afflicts at least 50,000 Australians out of medical science’s too hard basket, an Australian researcher says. Dr Daniel Brown, a post-doctoral fellow at the University […]

How Chiropractic Rehabilitation May Help Your Meniere’s

Chiropractics for Meniere’s disease You can find several posts on this blog regarding Chiropractics, and how it may help your Meniere’s symptoms. Below is a link to a detailed report on this topic. It may be worth visiting a reputable cervical certified Chiropractor and have them check your spine and neck, to see if your […]

Money Made Available For Meniere’s Disease Treatment Tests

San Diego-based Otonomy, which is developing treatments for Meniere’s disease, said today that it has raised $10M in a Series A financing round. The round came from Avalon Ventures. According to Otonomy, the funding will go towards supporting the ongoing clinical trial for its compound, to initiate IND studies for a second compound, and early-stage […]