Meniere’s disease – The Spine and TMJs

This post was written by Mike on October 6, 2016
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Misalignment in the cervical spine, neck and jaw have all been linked to Meniere’s disease. Many people who have Meniere's Disease & Chiropracticshad chiropractic readjustments and manipulation of the cervical spine have freed themselves of Meniere’s symptoms, notably C1 through C6.

The most commonly found misalignment in the neck is C1 or also known as the Atlas bone. The skull sits on this cup like bone and often in Meniere’s sufferers or sufferers of vertigo, it has slipped out of place. This is usually due to trauma of some kid such as whiplash or sudden jerk like movement.

This can go years without being detected, and years before causing disturbances with equilibrium and the ear.

Treatment for TMJ/TMD has also been successful in stopping Meniere’s in some people. Such testimonials are common in emails to Meniere’s Help. Neither cause is recognized by ENTs and GPs in general but the numbers speak for themselves. When researched, the science also backs this up.

Have you had your neck, back and jaw checked for any irregularities?

Watch the video below for more.


Overcoming Meniere'smeniere's_spine_jawHelp other Meniere’s sufferers. Do have experience with Meniere’s, the spine, neck or jaw? Tell us all about it in the comments boxes below or email

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