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This post was written by Mike on March 16, 2010
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There has been far too little “official” research into root causes and cures for Meniere’s Disease. In this corporate profit driven age the focus is always on “treatments” for the resulting symptoms. But we saw this today on Medstar Television’s website and had to spread the word.

Meniere’s DNA Study
MONDAY, 15 MARCH 2010 11:08

Looking for a Cause

The exact cause of Meniere’s disease isn’t known. Researchers believe the symptoms may occur when fluid from one part of the inner ear mixes with another inner ear fluid. Rick Friedman, M.D., Ph.D., Neurotologist with the House Ear Institute in Los Angeles, CA, says some patients report having a cold, sinus infection or some other illness prior to the onset of symptoms.


Meniere’s also tends to run in families, so there may be some genetic link to the disease. Researchers at the House Ear Institute are now looking for people with Meniere’s disease who are willing to submit saliva samples for DNA analysis. Investigators will compare the genome from Meniere’s patients against those without the disease and look for differences in DNA. Friedman says finding those differences may provide clues that lead to a better understanding of Meniere’s and point the way for more effective treatment.

Currently, more than 700 patients have volunteered for the study. Patients from around the world may participate. For information or to find out how to become involved in the Meniere’s DNA study, call the House Ear Institute at (213) 483-4431, or visit their website at

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Update 2016: The study of Epigenetics now tells us that if an unhealthy cell is placed in a healthy environment it can be regenerated into a healthy cell. The very DNA of the cell can be reprogrammed in the right cellular environment.

DNA FORCE is a heavyweight supplement that has amazing reviews and considering the links now shown to T-cell and endolyphatic hydrops or Meniere’s symptoms it just might be that this is all that is needed. See below for some edited testimonials:

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Click above to get DNA Force

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Gary Layne Smith III from TX

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Andy from Mtl, PQ

“My step daughter has VHL syndrome. Some of the usual issues are headaches, problems with balance and walking, dizziness, and numbness in her hands and arms. Since she started DNA Force these problems have been reduced quite a bit. The last two brain scans showed she had small holes in her brain tissue that were progressing in size. The most current scan showed the holes had not progressed in the last 6 months. My wife showed the doctor the ingredients of DNA Force and he was impressed. He said keep taking it until the next checkup and we will check out the results of the next scans.”
D Money from Kansas City

Introducing DNA Force

DNA Force is an advanced formula designed to help energize mitochondrial function, and sustain healthy cell cycles. It may also help regenerate the body’s natural intracellular antioxidants.

DNA Force includes high amounts of super antioxidants CoQ10 and BioPQQ backed by several clinical studies and by more than 175 PubMed listed published studies.

2016: We are now collecting testimonials for people who have regained their health and importantly their hearing. If you have a success story using DNA force and would like to share your story to help other Menieres sufferers, please contact us at

The Invention of DNA Force

‘For years, I’d used many different antioxidants and healthy aging formulas to enhance my own health and that of my patients. However, I always had to use two or three products. I was never able to find a complete, vegan-friendly formula that contained all the cell protecting and healthy aging ingredients. This prompted a lengthy journey to develop the most advanced, all-in-one, full-spectrum, graceful aging, DNA protection, telomere enhancing, antioxidant formula in the world. It is also vegetarian and vegan friendly — no animal sources.

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When I discussed the formula with the world’s leading age reducing scientists, they were shocked.

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— Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, Chief Formulator of DNA Force


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How to Overcome Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s Disease Gene Study

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Reader Comments

I was diagnoised in 1980’s with Meniere’s Disease. By the time I was diagnoised my hearing had dropped to the level that the audiologist said that I was “very visual” as I was already pretty much totally deaf in my left ear and this was attacking my right. My Dr. at that time was Dr.Doby. He was an excellant Dr. He did massive testing on me and that is whom diagnoised me. He then started me on a low sodium diet of 900 mg a day, a diuretic, potassim, prednisone and due to the fact that the diuretic stripped my me of potassium I had to take a potassium sumplement and had to have my blood checked regularly. I went to having almost having no hearing to regaining all the hearing I had lost in my right ear. Then I went into remission. I went back to Dr Doby and he ended up leaving the hospital to go to another institure to do research for hearing and the staff he that worked with him went with him. After regaining my hearing I started cheating on my diet. He stated that he could understand why I started to cheat on my low sodim diet as it is difficult to stay on but warned me also. I already had begged him off my prednisone earlier and he was giving me a nasal spray with prenisone warning me if I started to get worse I would have to go back on the prednisone. I stayed in remission until the mid 2000 say about 2004 or about that time. What I should of done is immediately start watching my salt intake but I didn’t. Well what I should of done is never go off the diet. Now I am doing that I have started back on the low sodium diet as of just lately. I am consulting with my Dr to see how to proceed with the rest as I am having a hard time taking diurectics right now. I am also going to go back to a nutritional counsulor. I am taking meds to try to control the vertigo, etc. and that is Topamax also used for other issues. I currently have a dehydration problem and that is why I am having a hard time with the diurectics. I am writing this in order to help someone else as Dr. Doby saved my hearing and if I would of stuck to the program I still would have all of my hearing in my right ear and I am hoping I can recover it only time will tell. Good luck everyone and maybe this can help someone else as it did and hopefully will again work for me. Caution you must stay at 900 mg and below of salt intake which is very difficult.

Written By Laurie Donaldson on May 25th, 2010 @ 5:56 am

Thanks for the comment Laurie, I noticed one good point that I think people should take note of.Your doctor put you on potassium while on the diuretic. To my knowledge many doctors don’t do this, and they should. Diuretics can deplete potassium levels in the body, causing similar symptoms to meniere’s itself.

Either supplementing with potassium (as your doctor did) or making sure you eat plenty of potassium rich food such as bananas or potatoes is important.

Written By admin on May 31st, 2010 @ 8:12 am

I have read the above entry. I was diagnosed last year with atypical Menier’s disease. I had two attacks of vetigo early on but none since. Does everyone with Menier’s have vertigo?
About the low salt diet. How do people “eat out” and control their salt level? We live in a rural area and drive long distances for doctors and shopping. I am not a salt person and have no trouble reducing salt when eating in.

Written By Lynne on June 14th, 2010 @ 2:25 pm

my mom has this disease i would like to kmow what can the food can she eat or what can de diet can she make it thank you …..and what can the tea and vitamin she on medication but if ypou can help me with something else thank you

Written By carola on December 16th, 2011 @ 5:02 am

Saw audio on u tube about a guy with meniers and took supliments .what kind and where. Thank you Brian

Written By brian b on April 23rd, 2012 @ 8:49 pm

Hi Brian,

Please email us at and we will help out best we can

Written By admin on May 12th, 2012 @ 2:47 pm

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